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  1. This is some advise Hemi gave me some years ago:

    It is true that mechanics don't want to do just boots any more.

    The reasons are many, 1- They don't know how, 2- They make more money selling you the complete shaft, 3- They are not responsible for any subsequent boot failure, 4- They can't find the correct boot for the application, especially a TC.

    It would be my personal advice to you to just get the whole shaft as your problems later would be fewer. Order 1- NCV12539 Axle Shaft.

  2. to attach the hook and loop to the metal, I cleaned with denatured alcohol and used contact cement. smear on both the fabric and the metal wait 5 minutes press. It has been in place for over two years. I live in Cali, so the soft top in on MOST of the year.

  3. Replaced the thermostat, gauge went up to half and then down. Just like the days of old (last week). I'll hit the freeway tomorrow morning for the ultimate test. The old one 'looked' OK, but who knows, a little pin hole and the whole thing is compromised. Thanks guys.

  4. Yes Hemi the head does say remanufactured. I have had the car for several years.On initial start up the temp gauge goes up past 3/4 before it dives back down. This is a new, it usually went to about 1/2 or a little more before diving down. It seems to be opening late. The temp stays good in town driving after the initial scary temp rise, but at freeway speeds gets up past 3/4.

  5. So I've been looking into my cooling problem. My Blue Book says the thermostat housing or water box has a plug on the top to 'burp' the system when refilling the radiator. Mine does not have this plug never has it is smooth on top

    . Is my motor an early build? Does this present a problem as I can not 'burp' the coolant system. I am going to replace the thermostat tomorrow.....if time allows.

  6. Saturday I was driving down south to see my mom. It was in the high 90s. Most of the trip was uneventful, but after an hour of driving at 65 the temp gauge was creeping up to the 3/4 mark. It has never done this before. I slowed to 60 and it stayed there, for a while. It then crept a bit over the 3/4 but never into the HOT zone. I pulled over and checked the coolant level. The reservoir, it was churning but not overfilled or empty. I have driven in the heat plenty of times before, AC was not on as the top was down.

    Got any clues as to why the change in the temp reading?

  7. Locking wheel nuts I found are just about worthless as a deterrent to theft of ones wheels.

    I had a blowout on my passenger front coming back from the bay area. Got towed off the freeway and AAA asked for the key. It was gone. He said no problem "mind if I just break it off ?" I said nope I gotta get on my way. He slapped a regular socket over the 'locking" wheel lug, hooked up his impact wrench and bingo off it went. Hooked up the spare ran four nuts to home. The locking wheel lug did'nt even really slow him down.

    Take it from there.

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