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  1. I have a 1938 Buick Series 40 that was restored all original completed about 10 years ago. It pretty much sat outside for those years...however I start it about once a month and drive it around some. It is in great shape inside, mechanically appears to be fine. The strt 8 engine was rebuilt and I just had the starter rebuilt. It mainly needs some minor cosmetic touch up to the paint, and exterior trim. The only really bad part about the car is the windows. They windshield and back window have to be replaced..the other windows are fine (not great). There is fender my wife backed into (you can see it in the picture). It is 4 door with the original gray color paint(it was repainted10 years ago), big white wall tires in great shape and no real rust. My question is how much would this car be worth? I see sales from 6000.00-25,000. Thanks for any feedback.
  2. THANKS for all of the help. Per the suggestions above, I ran over the electrical system and everything checked out OK, but found someone had put 12V cables in. I replaced these and (even thought the battery was new, which is why I didnt check this earlier), found the battery to have only a 25% charge. These two things appear to have cleared up a lot of issues. It is still a little slower turning over when hot, but kicks in after a turn or two and fires on up. I went for a long drive this morning for the first time after working out many issues and it felt good. I live in Birmingham, AL so it was a great cool morning. I am sure something else will pop up so good to know help is here. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks for all of the suggestions. Very helpful. I think with a run down of all of the wires and battery testing, I was able to get a stronger starter on a hot start...still not as strong as cold but I will keep working on it. One more item. If I open the radiator and it is full when the car is off (It is filled to the top) should the level go down once the car is started or gets hot? I am just wondering if any water is getting to the engine.
  4. Just got a 38 buick series 40 as a gift so I am a novice starting this journey. It is in pretty good shape and will run but getting her started and not overheating sometimes is an issue. If anyone has any ideas please post..thanks. The car ran fine until the issue noted below. The problem now is if I dont get it started on the first (or so turnover) it is really hard to start (usually wont and I have to let it sit for several hours. Past the original starting problem...if it does start it will run great but once I turn it off, it appears to have to cool off quite a bit before it will start again, or even hardly turn over. It is a 6v system and when this happens, I can sometimes hook up a 12V booster to the battery and it will crank right up, or may just barely turn over. i have not been able to identify a pattern of which may occur. Here are some possible contributing factors - Fuel problem - The car had a leaking gas tank which I have removed and fixed. In the process, I decided tounscrew the glass bowl filter directly in line to the carb to clean it out. The gasket had disentegrated and I did clean it out but after several attempts to make a gasket, I could not get the bowl to stop leaking....so I removed it and just bypassed it with rubber fuel line(there is another fuel filter down further down the line) Could not having this inline bowl filter be causing it to flood on initial start? I was not sure if it served some other function. Overheating - I have not really had the car at the "overheat" point but it does get pretty hot and that appears to cause the not wanting to start issue once it has run. When I remove the radiator cap I can see it is filled to the top with antifreeze, but the level never seams to drop. Shouldn't the fluid levels drop as the antifreeze/water moves into the engine? Is this a sign that the radiator is stopped up?
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