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  1. Thanks! I will need it because we are leaving the country (for one year) tomorrow night... !
  2. Any reasonable offer will be considered! Thank you. Bo
  3. Price reduced! We are moving this weekend so I need to sell the car soon. Price is $2750. Here are some photos: I can be reached at dunebergen (at) mac.com We are in the south Bay part of Los Angeles. Thank you. Bo
  4. About 90,000 miles, turbo 4, automatic. All original, never in an accident. This belongs to my father in law who is getting too old to drive it. Decent shape all around with excellent Southern California body. The engine runs well but it a little tired. The leather has a number of tears and the driver's door and trunk locks need to be fixed. Yellow with natural leather. Pics here: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/cto/1234989511.html Thank you. Bo
  5. Barely, I am selling my father in law's 89. It is yellow with about 90,000 miles. Original owner. Never in any accident. Very good shape body. Decent engine but a little tired. Auto tranny, turbo 4 engine. Leather is a little tired. Pix and more info here: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/cto/1234989511.html I am in L.A. He would like to get $3,200 out of it. Bo
  6. Thank you very much Lou and Mark! Unfortunately Ventura is not exactly L.A.... It's about an hour and a half drive from where I am which would make it difficult for me to get there during the work week. But I will give him a call to see if he is open on Saturdays... Is there a directory or listing of mechanics who work on the TC somewhere by any chance? I very much appreciate your help. Bo
  7. Thank you Bill. When is the TC meet happening? And what is Hemi's shop name? (Or does he work by himself? Thank you.
  8. Well, I brought the car to a locksmith and he said there is no broken key inside the key hole. The reason the key wont enter is because the lock is damaged. So he needs to get at the lock from the inside by removing the door panel and all. He estimates about $85 (an hour labor) to fix it. The broke key I have is from the trunk. But the broken piece is not in there either so he has to get at the lock from the inside and take it apart in order to make a new key. Another $85. That's the situation as of today. Thanks again for all your help. PS: I posted a message about finding a TC mecha
  9. I want to give my father in law's TC a full tune up and freshening up before I put it up for sale for him. I did a search for "recommendations" and for "mechanic L.A." but nothing useful came up which surprised me. Maybe I am not using the right keywords? So, does anyone have either the "right search keywords" or a trusty mechanic on the west side of L.A., preferably even in the south bay? Thank you very much for any help.
  10. Thanks very much all for this great info. Sounds like a locksmith would be a great buddy to have in case of "emergencies". One thing you guys said puzzled me: the ignition key works on the door locks? Aaaargh... I didn't even try that. I automatically thought the broken one was for the doors. Duuuhhh! BTW, it has 90,000 miles and I believe it is the smaller engine.
  11. Thank you Duane. So a locksmith can make a key without having a master to duplicate? How does he know which tumblers are in which position without taking the lock apart?
  12. Thank you. I will have to check if the remnant is still in the key hole. not sure about that.
  13. Sure thing... although I am not in full "for sale" mode quite yet. It is in Los Angeles, auto trans, butterscotch color, removable hard top and I will have to check on the other questions at home tonight.
  14. Hello everyone. I was asked by my father in law to sell his TC. He is the original owner. It is in very good shape overall but there are a few small things to take care of. The first one is that the door key is broken. So there is not way to lock the doors. I did a search for "broken key" but nothing came up. Can a dealer create a new key based on the serial number? Is there a better way to do this? Thank you for any help. Bo
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