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  1. Do your buick doors have wood frames?
  2. Have you looked at my old fenders, hoods, dors etc I have posted to see if you know what they are? Please I need help! Thanks... I will check the sensors on Olds...Thanks
  3. still need to identify post pictures of hoods, fenders, doors. originally thought buick, was told otherwise. mid 20's?
  4. engine is a 3.3 v6. has died when cold. does dont bring up a code when diagnostic is in. stereo has been installed all wirde correctly. no warning of engine just dies all electrical stays on just kills. sometimes have to wait a while, sometimes starts right back up.
  5. How do you remove a broken bolt from the water pump that the head of the bolt broke off?
  6. help, i have had two different shops work on the olds and nobody can fix it. I t starts and runs a min and other times runs 30 min before it dies, its acts like you just turn the key off.
  7. Need boot for a sebring lx 01 convertible
  8. Also have a bunch of doors that have wood framing inside, still need help with a bunch of fenders. Any ideas on the hoods, have lg wheel painted maroon with gold stripes..
  9. Keiser31, Please ck pic,s on my pg ,I have some more to download and need help to identify, Thanks in advance... utahtrapper@aol.com
  10. Still need help identifying these.
  11. Sad for sure, had many Trans am's and older convert's plus others really thought they had it going?
  12. Sorry for delay, out of town, will take pic's and post them. Thanks Trap
  13. I own a 97 Riv wife is at work with it, will check when she gets home for a match...
  14. Have a fiftys triumph that needs total restoration, have pic's if interested.
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