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  1. I want to thank both of you, edinmass and C Carl for responding so quickly to my request for my sticky float valve. I was presuming that the float valve is my problem but i am just guessing. Some history of this problem may shed some light. I have owned this car for almost 20 years now. Never used anything but straight gasoline The fellow that I bought this car from had installed an electric pump and a pressure regulator, and did some work on the internal parts of the Johnson carburetor. The car started normally and ran well. For the next 10 years, I worked on finishing the restoration I probably should have drained the carburetor by running it out of gas, but I don,t remember doing that. After all this time, I started the car but... it was spitting out a lot of black wet smoke. At his time I decided to check out the pressure going to the carburetor so I installed a pressure gauge between the pressure regulator and the carburetor. With the car running, the carburetor was getting 3 1/2 pounds pressure and 5 1/2 pounds when I turned the ELECTRIC pump on. The engine was barely running and gas was dripping on the floor from the carburetor manifold. No fire thankfully Obviously the electric pump can overwhelm the float valve. Lesson.... Don't touch the electric pump !! So I bought a carburetor repair kit from Classic and Exotic Services. Something still wrong. The only way I can get the engine to start is to move the throttle to full open and quickly move it back once it started. Not a good idea. That is the situation I am in at this moment. Once I get the engine running normally, I can then shut it down and it will then restart as it should. This will last for about 2 or days. Can not find a leak in the gas lines. What prompted me to start this discussion was about a month ago when I had to get the car inspected to renew the license . Got to the inspection station, shut the car down and could not get it started again. Had to have it towed home. PANIC !!!! Fortunately, the tow truck driver got it home without a scratch. I gave him a $100 tip. This has gotten serious now. My says she won't go anywhere with me until I get the starting problem fixed. So.. I hope this sheds some light on what I am doing wrong. Any suggestion you old car people have will be greatly appreciated. Terry .
  2. The float valve in the carburetor bowl appears to stick shut on a random basis. Tapping on the carburetor sometimes works to unstick the valve. Can I use a fuel injector cleaner in the gas tank to free it up? or will the cleaner destroy the rubber tip? Any other suggestions ??
  3. Does anyone have any NOS Sherman brass 1 5/8 W hose clamps for sale? this number 1 5/8 W would be stamped on the inside of the clamp on the bottom. NSC has these in reproduction clamps. I am looking for original NOS Sherman made clamps. Any leads would be appreciated. Terry Peters
  4. Seldenguy..... Thanks for your reply. I may have to make these as you suggested. Online barstock is about $4 for what I need. UPS shipping is $24. Seems like nobody ships USPS anymore, I live in Hawaii. Friartuck........ I spoke to Mac at RSC. all their clamps have steel screws and nuts. I think Sherman started with brass screws and switched to steel later on.
  5. WTB I am looking for Sherman hose clamps with BRASS square nuts or just the brass square nuts any size. Brass machine screws can still be purchased but not the square nuts because they were Heavy nuts measuring 1/2 inch across the flats for 1/4 screws, larger for 5/16 screws.. If you have either the clamps or just the square nuts please contact me. TRP Hawaii 1933 LaSalle RS coupe