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  1. Way back in 1967 a fellow classmate purchased a very well used 1956 Healey. It was a blast to drive, and the windshield folded down. As A result we got chased by the local police for not having it up however; he couldn't catch us on the back country roads! Still remember that day as if were yesterday! Beautiful car and good luck with it.
  2. Another though came to mind after I depressed the the 'Enter Key' on my previous reply, and here is: Get a 'JUDGING MANUAL', and read the bloody thing because it says it all concerning the AACA judging standards and what we as judges look for. By the way since you're on the Forum why not go out and read the 'ONLINE' copy of the judging manual, and save yourself a few bucks by not buying one from AACA headquarters, or better yet join the AACA judging program and learn what the judges look for.
  3. Rick Marsh, Love your intregrity and knowledge, and you are one of the people I enjoy talking to every year at Hershey. Looking forward to seeing you in 2014 althought I've trade my spaces next to you to Alex and Rich I'll still be close by. You are without a doubt the 'AACA tire expert'. Thanks.
  4. I bought my first VW bug in 1969. A '65 sedan from a private owner, and installed the optional 3 point belts in it a few days later at Autohaus VW, Lancaster, Pa. A bunch of friends, and a few dealership mechanics made light of it. The owner of Autohaus, Herb Warner told me I had made a smart move. His family VW's all had 3 point belts. I've never wrecked a single VW, but if I had I'm sure the belts would have aided in my survival. They did keep me in the seat when I was hit from behind by a drunk driver at a traffic light back in 11/1977. He received a broken up face, and a destroyed car. I drove my bug home. If any of you all did any racing then you know the importance of seat belts in a crash. All VW Bugs from 1962 onward had 3-point belt attaching points installed at the factory as did Karmann Ghia's. The bus had provisions for lap belts only through 1967. I imagine bench seats were the reaon for this. Prior to '62 VW dealers sold lap belts with installation kits for them. Perhaps VW was leading the way in regards to passenger safety way back in the 50tys. Long before the government got involved. Remind anyone of a fellow named 'Preston Tucker'?
  5. Bill, You'll have to take this up with Hershey Region. They set up the show field, and from what I know as a former Hershey Region member (and have been told by national officers) AACA National has nothing to do with the show field set up however; national 'COULD', and 'SHOULD' ask Hershey Region to place the 4's classes where they belong which in my opinion is after the 3's and before the 5's, and if that is not possible then they should at least place these classes up on the show field with other vehicles that are in the judging arena. Once again my opinion as follows: 'I feel it is disrespect of the owners, and their vehicles to shove the small car classes out in the boonies at Hershey'.
  6. Pull the heads, and soak them in kerosene, or diesel fuel. fill the engine with the same, and let it soak. This will loosen up the junk that is in the oil passages. It may/will take a few treatments. After you are pleased with the results as seen by draining the engine; then drop the pan and clean it, drop the oil pump, and soak it so the pump, and pickup tube are clean. After you are done fill up with a light grade oil, maybe 5W30, remove the coil wire, and crank the engine to circulate the fresh oil, drain the oil, and check the it for sludge. If you are satified with what you see; then refill the engine with light grade oil, and start it up. You might consider adding Marvel Mystery Oil, or a similair product to lubricate the valves and upper cylinder area. Your engine will probably smoke a bit so open the garage doors. I've done this procedure twice, and it has worked for me on both occasions. Good luck.
  7. On a recent visit to the local Advanced Auto parts store I discovered a fuel additive for ethanol fuel. Add to your gas tank on fill up to help with performance problems. I bought it and put it my '99 2.0 liter Mercury Tracer, '05 2.5 liter Jetta, and '97 2.0 liter Jetta, and after 1 tankful per car the performance had improved, and so had the miles per gallon. Cost about $10.00 per bottle. Produced by LUCAS. I recently had the horror of seeing an intake manifold from a 30,000 mile car that dropped a valve. The intake ports were burnt BLACK! E-10 was probably the culprit. Also ethanol has a nasty habit of ruining fuel injectors. Bill Hirsch sells a fuel additive that is claimed to preserve fuel for up to 3 years. I've been using it for 15 plus years, and it works in both 4 cycle and 2 cycle engines. I never drain the fuel from my lawn mower, or Mantis tiller, and never have start up problems when spring arrives. Never had a problem with fuel in my antique cars either. I asked Bill at Hershey if his fuel treatment would work with ethanol fuel. He claimed it does, and my experience has proven him to be correct.
  8. Years back I restored a few gas tanks that had rock hard fuel in them. I used straight acetone to soak it out. However, I am not sure if acetone will harm brass. It was fine with steel tanks.
  9. CDN224, I've never tried a UV protectant spray as you mentioned. If it is compatible with the paint used then it is a good idea. What I have done is to come back to the wheel after the paint has cured (I wait 3 days), wet sanded with 1,500 to 2,000 grit paper, and then applied a urethane clear top coat. The urethane clear I use has UV protectants in the mix. I imagine base coat clear coat would work very nicely for steering wheels, and I expect to be trying this out this summer.
  10. I've restored plastic and rubber-plastic (as I call it) steering wheels from the 40tys through the 70tys. Different materials are required depending upon the wheel. Bondo does NOT work at least for me it did not. I tried it and the wheels recracked around the bondo. I've used PC-7, JBWELD, dental epoxy, and POR-15 expoxy dependent upon the wheel I was restoring. I've also used laquer thinner to soften up hard plastic so the repair material would bond into the existing wheel. A Dremel tool would be useful for enlarging the cracked areas as would both round and triangular files. I've restored over 50 steering wheels so I might be able to help you with yours. Currently I have 18 steering wheels in stock for 50tys and 60tys Volkswagens and Porsches, and some of these were restored 10 plus years ago. None have recracked. I also do my own repainting of the wheels. If you are interested in asking me questions please send me a private e-mail.
  11. I own a 1977 AMC Hornet that was delivered with 14 inch bias ply tires. The original owner had 14 inch Michelin radials installed. My mother was the 2nd. owner. The radials were a dealer installed option that was factory approved. I know. I did the research. If the wheels were NOT capable of handling radials then, the factory would not have approved radials. My thoughts are that cars built in the 70tys era will be okay with radials. I installed Michelin radials on a 1971 Volkswagen Super Beetle, a 1967 VW Microbus, a 1966 VW Bug. a 1955 VW Bug, and a 1963 Karmann Ghia and NEVER had any problems with tires, or wheels. As for HPOF with radials my 1963 Karmann Ghia is a HPOF certified vehicle, and it has radials. This car was a non-export model that was purchased in Germany by the original owners, and it came with Michelin radials. I have the documentation in German to back this up. When I received my HPOF certification at Hershey in 2003 the HPOF team did not ask about the tires. Leads me to believe that tires may not be that important on HPOF and DPC vehicles. No one ever asked about the radials on the 1977 Hornet when it appeared in DPC. Just my observations and opinion, as usual. Keep in mind that radials were developed in Europe in 1957. It took many years for the USA to catch up with our friends in Europe. I probably should add that I use radial tire tubes on the 1955 Bug and 1963 Karmann Ghia because these wheels do not have the wheel safety lip cast into them. The safety lip as I call it helps to seal the tire bead to the wheel. This lip keeps the tire from twisting off the wheel when subjected to hard cornering.
  12. Hey You All. Mustangs, Corvettes, and muscle cars have their own classes so why not Volkswagens? Think it over. As for me it really does not matter any longer. I'm just about done so I guess my opinion really does not matter to most of you. Hang 'Um High. I'm outta here...........
  13. A true sign of 'older age' when you remember ads from your teenage years, and still like seeing them. Thanks Chris I appreciate your efforts. Looking forward to seeing some more.
  14. Ron. Thanks for talking this over with Don. I'll be looking forward to maybe joining in.
  15. Ron Green, I gather from the questions about Volkswagens built in Pa. (and after looking at the list of Pa. vehicles) that Pa. built Volkswagens will not be on display with the other Pa. built vehicles? If I'm correct no problem as I'll still bring my DPC '84 Rabbit to the show if I can get the water pump fixed before registration closes. Incidently I like the idea of a special display for Pa. built vehicles.
  16. Intersetting comment about driving a VW on the highway. The only time I evr got, or get nervous is when pulling out with my 40hp Karmann Ghia, and my '67 microbus. Most 'NEWer' drivers do not know that we move slower on take off then they do. My microbus has a license plate frame that states '0 to 60 in a day or so'. Sort of makes the point that this is not a rocket. Think about this. Most mirocars are 2 seaters. All VW's seat at least 4 just like a BIG domestic car! Of course the rear seat may be a bit cramped for normal sized adults. I still support the possible move back to production classes for VW's.
  17. Well everyone a rather interesting response to the initial survey. There is still hope for a return to the way it used to be. Thanks judging committee for going the extra mile with another survey. And thanks Steve M. for the updates.
  18. In regards to your desire to purchase a 'Purple Antique' license plate. I'll provide what I know to your question. When I registered my first antique car back in 1988 I was told that the plate was owned by me, and only me. However, I could transfer it to another car that I owned if I wanted to. I did transfer one of my antique plates a few years ago, and had no trouble doing so. My suggestion is that you should contact PaDOT to find out if you can use a purple plate that you purchase from someone. I love the purple plate because it 'STANDS' out to the guy behind you. The new one gets lost to whomever is following you. In my opinion PaDOT mucked up when they deep-sixed the purple plate.
  19. Quotes from posting #205. Quote #1: ‘I'm not here to be disrespectful or unappreciative for the work that is trying to be accomplished. I enjoy good debate and discussion. This is a discussion forum…set up and hosted by the AACA…it is an excellent tool for members to discuss such issues. In Steve's conversations or the CJC's conversations with these disgruntled VW owners…has it been recommended that they view this discussion on the AACA forum? It would certainly be nice to hear their side of this issue, rather than hearing it second or third handed. We've seen several VW owners who are in favor of going back to the Production Classes and who are not forum regulars, take the time to log in and join…just to make a statement for the record. I would love to hear from one, just one…that didn't like their life in the Production Classes.’ Quote #2: ‘A great number, of high quality VW show cars, are represented by the folks that have posted on this thread in favor of returning to the Production Classes. In several conversations outside of this forum (as it was once pointed out, the world does not revolve around this forum) many of these cars may never be seen on an AACA show field again. Is that a threat? No…sadly…it could end up being the truth as the continued frustration of this issue looms. Look at Hershey…world's greatest car show…9 VW's received awards in 2011…1 in 2012.’ Ron as always you hit the nail on the head with your responses. Thanks. I agree with you 100%. I was thoroughly discouraged when I saw only 1 Volkswagen in 4B this past year. Had me wondering what in the dickens I was doing out there judging cars that I knew absolutely nothing about. I asked a lot of questions to my team captain. When I showed my Karmann Ghia in a production class before I went HFOF I always enjoyed the simple fact that I was in an AACA meet where people who didn’t know much about my car would take the time to stop and talk. Sure beat the dickens out of a Volkswagen only meet where ‘Everyone is a bloody expert’, and usually they only stop long enough to tell you what is wrong with your car. I have also offered to help, but haven’t been invited. Perhaps I should send a letter. Two previous presidents have asked AACA members to get involved in committees, leadership positions, etc. The most recent appeal was this issue of the magazine. Yes, I'd still like to help, and I know you would, and dollars to donuts so would Charlie, and some others. But for me someone will have to ask. No, the 4's class does not affect me directly. I show in HPOF, and when my '55 is done it will go DPC if it ever comes to an AACA meet. If I were showing in a production class, and was told I was now being moved I know I would not be pleased. Did this happen to muscle car owners when the muscle car classes were formed awhile back? Just curious, and here’s why. I have judged muscle cars in the production classes since then. Of course it is easier to show your muscle car in a production class then it would be to slip a Volkswagen in. Maybe the AACA does not revolve around the Forum, but when it takes this long and this many responses, and let’s not forget the letters, to get attention to an issue then I am really left wondering. No, I'm not being negative. Read all 200 plus messages again, and then form your opinions. I spent this afternoon reading them all again, and doing a lot of thinking before I wrote this response, and the other long one that proceeded.
  20. Rreisch, Good to see you at last Hershey. I was wondering when you were going to voice your an opinion on the Forum. Noted that you just joined. Welcome. See you next year?
  21. Here's a long overdue reply to my friends in the Volkswagen community. First off I received my survey in the mail four days ago, and I was struggling with how to response. I asked Pat for a bit of help as she can see the bigger picture a bit better than I can over this. Additionally, since she is not directly involved she will be able to help me formulate a calmer response, and perhaps I’ll respond. I am surprised that the AACA has asked for our opinions, but after two years of complaints, and an almost no show of Volkswagens at Hershey 2012 I guess maybe I should not be surprised. Stock_Steve, It does matter to me what happens to Volkswagen owners in the AACA. You may recall that I promoted AACA membership to VVWCA members when I was the VVWCA president. I know I recruited several because I have the 'AACA I Got A Member' rewards to show for it. This was back in the 90tys. To say the least I have been extremely disappointed over this issue. I hope that there will be a resolution to this issue that will at least satisfy the majority of us. QUOTE from a previous RESTORER32 post. ‘I have no horse in this race but aren't VWs the ultimate "Production" car?’ Thank You for reminding me. Volkswagen beetles are NOT limited production or short lived vehicles as were Metropolitans, Isetta’s, Vespa’s, etc. They went into production in 1938 and remained there through 1979 in Germany in their original shape. They remained in production into this century in Mexico. The Volkswagen Bug holds the production record as the most produced car in its basic original form. I’d call that ‘A PRODUCTION CAR’. My comment ‘Does it matter anymore’ was out of frustration over the whole issue. I feel that a mistake was made when Volkswagens were pulled from the production classes where they belong. Stock_Steve, I understand where you are coming from. And I agree with you that Volkswagens should stay in the production classes. However, a VW only class may be the only solution to this dilemma. After all there are Mustang, Corvette, etc. only classes, and Volkswagens are just as popular as they are. All it takes is for anyone to see how much attention a Volkswagen generates at an AACA national meet. Stock_Steve, you know this. I've seen the crowds your '54 draws when you and Diane bring it to Hershey. Perhaps the AACA Board and members of the CJC should observe this before they make a decision. QUOTE from a previous VOLXY post. ‘I got my first junior @ Hershey in 2010 in 27f with 8 other vehicles competing for their 1st junior status.’ He received his senior at Hershey in 2011 in Class 4B. At both meets I was the team captain. At the 2010 meet my knowledge of Volkswagens was considered invaluable by my team members when it came time to judge VOLXY’s ’65. Was my knowledge appreciated? 3 team members thanked me for assisting them in the judging process with their questions. Of all the cars in 27f back in 2010 VOLXY’s ‘65 was one of the best when judging ended. The same happened in 2011. In 2011 my overall knowledge of Volkswagens was once again useful to my team. By isolating Volkswagens to a specific class the AACA will limit the judging knowledge needed by AACA judges who would encounter Volkswagens in the production classes. In other words ‘you might end up with the same judges for a Volkswagen only class at any given meet’. That will not be beneficial to either the Volkswagen owners, or the judging community. I keep hearing at judging schools the need for judges to expand their knowledge. I seem to recall that this was a large reason for the founding of the CJE program. Before I became ill I volunteered to create a Volkswagen CJE class. I am still willing to do so, but since I can no longer attend very many meets someone else would have to present it. Volunteers? I have approximately 100 Volkswagen books and service manuals in my library. Additionally, there are dozens of Foreign Car magazines that focused on Volkswagen, lots of sales literature, and many owners’ manuals. What about Volkswagens in HPOF and DPC? I am wondering where they will fit in. I guess they’ll probably stay in these classes. I supported the changes to announcing of awards for both DPC and HPOF, and the changes to the show field layouts for both classes at national meets. I have difficulty accepting the placement of the DPC, HPOF, and 4’s classes at Hershey. Perhaps the placement of the 4's classes at Hershey can at least be changed for this coming year if the other two cannot. After this issue over Volkswagens is resolved the AACA board should consider discussing with Hershey Region the possibility of changing their show field layout. After all this is the most prominent AACA national meet. As a former Hershey Region member I know how difficult, and time consuming it will be for the people involved if they change the show field layout however, in the interests of providing a show field that is consistent with other national events the changes should be made. This is my response to the survey that was sent out. I have sent it to AACA headquarters. Finally, thank you to Steve Moskowitz and the CJC for asking us for our opinions by sending out the survey.
  22. Does it matter any more? Booga-Booga. Hang um' High!!!!!
  23. Me too! Maybe he'll customize it to meet L.A. standards. Lowered with hydraulics to bounce it up and down. Already has the electric on board to do it. A chopped top would be a superb touch as would a flamed paint job to boot. And let’s not forget the 'BIG FOOT" oversize tires and wheels!!! Gotta love it, or cry...
  24. I imagine I'll response to this topic soon.
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