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  1. I had mine redone and the shop that did it said he could not get the white/silver so he did it in black. i am curious what color you are doing and where you got it?? I am not to found of the black.. This doesn't fit your question but thought I would ask!! Thanks Jim
  2. Thanks so much!! I figured they were mixed in with some other pieces and nobody new for sure.. I have been reading here for a long time and have learned a lot of good info!! My 64 is almost done and will post some pics.. Its been over 5 years of work and lots of $$$ but I think it looks pretty good.. Thanks again Jim
  3. I need help identifying these extra parts. They might not even go to my "64 Riviera. They were leftover from a 5 year restoration project. Hopefully someone can identify them. Thanks in advance for any help!
  4. well I changed mine from teal mist (PP) with black interior to black and keeping black interior. I think I read here somewhere that its your party and do what pleases you. Just another opinion Jim
  5. I had mine rechromed too. I am not going to paint them,this may not be correct, but they look to good to paint. There is a picture of a 64 in Classic Car awhile back that showed a yellow Riv that did not have them painted and looked really good! Mine is going to be black and I think it will look good. MHO only.
  6. Thanks ! car is going back together very slow but making progress. Hope to have it all done for 2013:)
  7. I am replacing timing gear and chain. The shop told me they can't find a nylon gear only steel.:confused: I was wondering if this would be OK? 64 425 motor. Thanks for any input! JIM
  8. Why not the hardened seats in a nailhead?:confused: That was recommended to me so I don't have to worry about the gas I put in it. I have 64 425. Thank Jim
  9. You guys are close to me .I am in Princeton. My 64 is in middle of restoration now. Farming right now. Hope to meet up some time. Jim
  10. I believe that it is what the body connects to the frame with a rubber bushing , right behind the wheel well, you can see it from underneath. my gas tank is out that might make easier. both had to redone. Jim
  11. I am in the middle of body work on my 64. My trunk did not look as rusted as yours but up toward the wheel well there were rusted thru holes. I will quote what my body shop said. (NOTE: The Mid trunk body mount on the left side is completely rusted and unusable. This is a stuctural point that could lead to excessive flex in the body causing long term Fatigue).:eek: The right side had to be done also. Hope that is not your case, but you may want to look under that rust. It is also amazing when all the old paint is removed what is found under it!!! It sure is fun doing it. Just some thought Jim
  12. My 64 is going in to get floor and trunk rust done. It will also get new paint, interior, black on black. Have GM ralleys all done and will get new tires. I think in july it will be ready to go. It has been 4 years can't wait!!!
  13. I have a 64 Riv. I have been waiting on a friend who has a body shop to work on it.Well he has been to busy with deer hits and as soon as the first snow storm hits he will have enough work for awhile. I got the car running 3 years ago and ready to move on with it. It needs under the seat floor pans and some work in the trunk, also other minor body work. It also needs front alignment and the air conditioner fixed and a good paint job. I live in north central IL and am looking for someone (knowledgeable and experienced) to work on my car. I have been reading this site almost every morning for 3
  14. Well about 23 years ago I started dating this girl (turned out to be my wife) and she took me out to the old barn back of her house, and there sat a 64 riv with 57000 miles on it.:eek: I fell in love (with her) and the car that day. It was the family car at one time, her dad had just parked it thinking it woud be special some day. About 2 years ago the inlaws moved and did not have a place for the riv any more, so I got the car!!!! Had not been run for 20 years, but she runs now. Needs some more work and a paint job. I can not wait to show it someday soon. Interesting thing my first car was a
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