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  1. How do you replace the bead molding that runs on top of the quarters and below the tail lights on a 49-51 Ford? I had to patch the lower section below the tail lights on my 49 Coupe and the bead molding is now gone to about halfway up to tail lights. Is there reproduction or new available and how do you install? Or some ideas on way of duplicating it would be appreciated!! Also now that Le Baron is bankrupt who else offers interior kits for these cars? Or just the correct broad cloth for a 49 Custom Coupe? glennb49@yahoo.com
  2. Here is the vin on my 89 TC 16 valve 5 speed, ZC2FR11OOKB204402 , Is it all ready in the TC registry? if not then add it. Thanks Glenn.
  3. For sale 89 16 valve 5 speed TC, 107K miles, Very clean and in good running condition! New pads and calibers, No rust and nice original paint with a few dings, nice clean leather , good tops with clear port holes, Every thing works except air, fuel door release and antenna wont retract fully, See full story here in, 1989 16 valve 5 speed TC need help getting running. $6.000 OBO Glenn at glennb49@yahoo.com 920 887 8593.Beaver Dam Wi.
  4. The TC lives again!! Finished installing front bumper and runs better than ever. Time to sell $6K or best offer! This sure has been a fun and learning experience, Thanks every one for all your help!! Now back to scraping and painting!! Glenn.
  5. Its been two weeks ago today since the fire! My short drive Tuesday went well with no surprises, had the fire extinguisher by my side! Yesterday got front bumper sanded and painted. Even got back to my favorite job, Scraping the barn!! Next will repair headlight wiring and install bumper. Have a happy Fourth every body and hopefully there wont be any fire works under the hood!!
  6. Hope to get it off the ramps which it hasn't moved from since the fire, and take for a ride today. Then into the shop for the body work!!
  7. Hemi. I really enjoy the driving part and the rarity but the complexity, rarity of parts and $$$ If some thing breaks, Is making me appreciate the not have to be afraid to drive it 8 valve!!
  8. IT LIVES!!!!!! I finished making up vacuum lines Friday. Turbo Cane came today . Looked over my repairs and he made a few changes in routing of vacuum lines. Then he and I installed the new fuel pressure regulator checked for leaks then fired it up, It runs pretty good the short time had it running ,, so far no idling up and down!! Found the O ring damaged on the old pressure regulator that I installed so that was the source of the fire!! Next have to replace alternator, It got fried!! then install radiator and helpfully it will run better than before this major blank up on my part!! Then paint and install front bumper. Turbo Kane came through with a grill and other trim pieces!! Big hand of applause goes out to all you guys for helping me through this fun venture into 16 valve ownership!! It will be for sale when done!!! Fire Man Glenn.
  9. Yes that's what I was thinking of doing, The smell of gas under the hood will scare the bejesus out of me from now on!! Got wiring under intake pretty much all either replaced or re taped, soldered in new ends on distributor pickup and three other sensors , its looking much better! Next will be vacuum lines. Have new distributor pick up and fuel pressure regulator coming! thanks again for all you help. Fire Man Glenn.
  10. Yes I now see the vacuum diagram on the cowl cover. I went to Alpine Valley resort in East Troy Wi. for Dodge Turbo national and met up with Turbo Kane and he has agreed to come here and help me reroute vacuum lines , he says you can simplifie it by eliminating pollution and vapor canister. So for now you don't have to dig out your old harness, thanks for the offer!! It was great seeing all the turbo Chryslers!! With mine four TCs two 16 valves! Found this Challenger 340 and Cornetts looking like they needed a new home , sign said not for sail!!
  11. thanks for the words of encouragement Reaper1 and Hemi. Yesterday I peeled back the melted black plastic tube covers and found the wires inside not damaged. there are several not protected that will have to be replaced, distributor pick up, and sensors! Vacuum lines under intake the worse and will need to find a diagram or pictures of routing with the Ts going to what and where. I have a complete white front bumper hanging in the rafters and rt cornering light lens and I do my own body work and painting so that saves $$ Just need a grill, have some feelers out , Know of two TC in area yards so I will be visiting them for inner fender and headlight bucket and vacuum lines. I hope to get back on road then sell or sell as is for 3K now. Wish me luck with this new chapter in my exciting venture into 16 valve ownership!
  12. Hi Turbo Cane,. We met at Quaden Dodge show several weeks ago, I had the yellow 16 valve there, well had engine fire Wednesday see 89 16 valve 5speed TC need help getting running, I need grill insert is $50.00 for the whole unit that you show two of ? Is that the price of the broken one pictured? I can come and pick it up at your house. Also need help in vacuum line routing . the fire was not too serious and am planning on getting it back on road then sell or would sell as is for 3K thanks for your interest Glenn, glennb49@yahoo.com
  13. Hi I need grill and rt cornering light lens Grill can be cracked, How much? Im in Wi, 53916 zip for shipping. Thanks Glenn, glennb49@yahoo.com
  14. Hi can I buy your old broken grill? I just burnt mine in under hood fire! Go to 89 16 valve 5 speed TC Need Help Getting Running. glennb49@yahoo.com how much including shipping to Wi 53916.zip code
  15. And here I thought I just about had it all buttoned up. Got used correct pressure relief valve even the right part number. Installed and it literally fired right up. I should have had some one watching, It started but was running rough then I heard a wooosh and shut it off, emptied three estinguishers before got it out! I think if was not sealing where it enters the fuel rail, took out vacuum lines under intake. Then the charcoal canister exploded and caught the bumper!! Will need to replace vacuum lines and some wiring, front bumper, grill. cornering light and paint rt fender. Im not a happy camper right now!! Could have been much worse. car cover on Plymouth started to melt, What do I do repair or sell as is, Any takers out there? whats it worth in current condition? Hemi or any body else have a vacuum harness and grill? this was my first under hood fire, believe me it was very scary ! Glad I was not on the road! Fire Man Glenn.
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