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  1. Thanks Reaper 1 I can get a used 8 valve if they are the same , They do have different part numbers, as Hemi gave me them. DOC is 55 psi and SOC was 48 psi so will that effect the run ability? Im getting pretty good at taking the radiator and fan out just hope I can get to it then. Thanks for your help
  2. Thanks again Hemi . Ill try to get the incoming hose off ,Will sucking on it by mouth be enough to test it? Ill also see if its available at parts store. wonder what would happen if you used a 8 valve? they look they look the same?
  3. Hemi. I sucked on the top port of the wastegate solenoid and got a mouth of watered down gas there also. Is this another sigh of a bad fuel pressure regulator? What are the chances it going bad the day after I rinsed of the engine! Is it the same as the 8 valve? Its right on top on the 8 valve but looks like radiator has to come back out to get to the 16 valve! Hope I can get one at parts store and not big $$ Glad you like my 53 Skylark. My dad had a 53 Special when I was a kid and I was fascinated by the Skylark when we parked next to one at the grocery store. I thought some one had customized it!
  4. Yesterday morning back to up and down idle, sucked more gas tasting water out of map sensor feed. Talked to long time Chrysler tech and he said K cars were known for collecting water in map sensor feed, he said to use air gun and blow back into to line, that water will just go into intake. take off map sensor and tap it lightly to get water out!. the 8 valve also taste like gas but no water so don't think its ruptured fuel pressure regulator. But still don't know how water is getting into vacuum line. Had lots of interest in the pair at Fathers Day car show here in park yesterday. That's my 53 Skylark and 57 International Golden Jubilee, Both are special 50 anniversary models .
  5. Hemi, I took vacuum feed off map sensor and sucked on it and got a mount full of watered down gas! put back on and it ran good for several minutes then back to up and down idle. After several more mouth fulls each less than the previous mouth full it seems to be starting and keeping a nice steady idle of about 12RPM Good on road too. when running and I unhook vacuum feed it has good vacuum. I sucked on the 8 valve and it tasted of gas too but no liquid in it. How is watered down gas getting into the vacuum line to the map sensor.? Is it tied into the charcoal canister? I think this was the fix, Ill keep checking for more water and hope its all out!
  6. I was removing the hose from the top of the Baro Relay when I saw the bubbles and when I thought I felt no vacuum , This morning I disconnected the hose going into the Baro Relay and I had good vacuum and that in turn should feed the Map sensor? I also had vacuum off the top of Baro Relay this morning so the Map sensor is getting vacuum. The Map sensor from the 8 valve is on the 16 valve car yet so there should be no water in it, plus the 16 valve map sensor is still on the 8 valve and it runs fine so there must not be any water in it, should I take my air gun and blow into the vacuum feed line ?, This morning when I started it from cold it was back to idling up and down from 15 down to 5 RPM and the engine died a couple times. I gave it some gas up to 15 RPM for a while and the idle evened out and ran OK then. I looked for vacuum leaks and have found none so far! Hoses all look good by manifold, took connections apart behind battery and they look all right. The Map sensor code is still flashing so must still have something to do with it!! thanks Hemi for your input, Whish I never cleaned the engine!! Jazmin is my submissive Sheltie who is always by my side!
  7. No Hemi I don't feel any vacuum at the hose to the map sensor , is the barometric relay attached to the map sensor if yes then it got swapped too. So it must not be getting any vacuum from sorce under intake. Now if I can figure which fitting that is at the vacuum sorce! No I don't have a scanner so it will just have to go away by itself. Ill look into it tomorrow morning, Almost have that barn wall all green, good painting weather today!
  8. When I pulled the hose off the top of the map sensor there were bubbles coming out of the tub that it pushes onto. the engine was running .It did make it run either faster or slower with the hose off. I blew through the hose put it back on and the idle picked up and when I drove it no more stumble when starting in first. So thought it was water in map sensor. Let sit all day and started at 6pm, started out on normal idle then did the same up and down idle again, it almost kills but not quite! Swapped map sensors from 8 valve and same results, Is the vacuum source for the map sensor under the intake? Ill Check that next. The code still comes up 13 for map sensor. Thanks for the input guys.
  9. New Problem of my own making. I cleaned engine compartment Monday and lightly rinsed off. 24 hours later started, now idle is up and down to point of all most killing. Give it some gas and it evens out. Put in gear it stumbles big time but keeps running, At stop sign idle is up and down and stumbles again. Out on road its good, drive 15 miles at 65 , at home idle is now good, shut off , restart this morning and idle is back to up and down, give it some gas and after a little bit idle smooths out, did not drive yet today. Check engine lite is on and off. The code I got was 1 pause 3 pause 5 pause then 5. What does this tell me? Did I get the computer wet? I checked down in spark plug holes and took coil wire off coil and sprayed silicone spry in coil and on computer feed wires. You would think after 40 miles of driving it would have dried out by now. Help!
  10. I have the same problem, How do you remove the outer layer carefully? Heat gun, razor blade, piano wire??
  11. Hopefully I don't have to go there any time soon! Have to get compression test and at least know where to go from there, plug seems not to be fouling. If it wasn't for the bucking I wouldn't even know it was missing its so irregular out the tail pipe. Take the wire off and its a steady miss out the tail pipe! Have to get back to my other project today, though I don't enjoy it nearly as much, Painting the barn!! Know any one who wants a nice clean 81K 8 valve? $4500.00 OBO.
  12. The intermittent miss is more noticeable at idle and it can be felt, bucks , around town when in first and second. Out on road its not noticeable, plenty of zip! Its got new plugs ,cap, rotor and $200.00 wires! Thankfully included with car!! Thinking bad injector , sticking or bent rod. Need to take compression check. Thanks for confirming its noninterference, that's a relief! Yes $900.00 is much better than $2K. As mild as the miss is If I keep the car Ill just keep driving it as is and hope it heals. this will be the fourth gear change for me, had to do it in my previous 3TCs. I just take the gear out of any 90s Mopar and have had good luck with them holding up. grease did not dry out on US built Mopars! Thanks for putting my mind at ease with the $$ of maintain a 16 valve, Im leaning on keeping it! Ill watch the video to refresh my memory to!! Thanks again all for the input!! That's my 8 valve with trunk down, The 16 valve is actually cleaning up to be nicer than the 8 valve!
  13. This car has come a long way in just a week! Brought home on trailer Saturday 6-1 to up and driving and first car show on Sunday the 9!! The Mopar crowd was all over it! Thanks guys for all your input!
  14. OK I guess I stick with the stock muffler Where can I order an odometer gear? I was told there are cheap $5.00 ones that only last a short while! and $35.00 ones that are long lasting. any body had problems with the $5.00 one?, Now if intermittent miss in cylinder 2 would heal! Have Sea Foam in oil and gas plus Marvel Mystery in oil. Met Andy Kane at Mopar car show Sunday ,He has a beautiful burgundy 16 valve and he said bent valves are common, there are new and improved valves available now. But cost of around $2K to redo head ! Any input would be appreciated. Got engine bay cleaned up last night, looks much better! Still not sure which TC to keep, What are the pros and cons of 16 verses 8 valve? Know there are many more $$$ in upkeep and repair on 16 valve but the fun of driving and rarity is very tempting! Thanks again to you guys in helping me get this TC back on the road.
  15. Here is a 90 TC at Grandpa Johns in Green Bay Wi. I got the rt seat and counsel out of for $50.00 this spring.