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  1. I have two owners manuals ,Care and Operation ,Types 53 and 61 ,you will know what year they are.Both are in good condition ,not mint .
  2. These lights are rounded to the front and rear ,are three piece,Rim Centre and rear,held together by three long bolts thru the light.May have Bausch and Lomb lens ,unbranded bodies. Parts or complete either way I am interested.
  3. Thanks Nickelroadster,Yes I did 12 months ago maybe I need to again,Thank you
  4. Desperate,I need a Mercer Series Six ( Six Cylinder ) Parts Book or copy. PLEASE PLEASE if you have one ,I have a 1924 Touring and need this book or a copy.Thank you.
  5. I have what I believe is a 1916 or 17 complete top bow set with sidecurtains as good patterns.Have had it for years and have looked at adapting it to my 23 Mercer on occasions. John Hancox ,
  6. Is there anyone out there in Old Car World who has a Mercer Series Six Parts book ? I have a 1924 series Six Touring and need a parts Book please. John Hancox ,
  7. John, Have tried to send a message to you and they bounce will try this way. I have a series Six Touring and an axle beam I can fit those bits to and give my car four wheel brakes .are they for sale ? trade ? or what ? Cheers, John Hancox ,
  8. Does Anyone out there have a Mercer series Six Parts Manual ? They did ,Owners Manuals ,Warranty Books,Sales brochures surely they did a Parts Book. In the Owners Manual parts are numbered so My guess they were prints out of the parts book. I have a Series Six Touring and would love to buy a Parts book to complete my car. John Hancox,
  9. Hi Prewar Pieces, John Boyle owns the second of the two Surviving Series Six Raceabouts,he was given it on his seventeenth birthday in 1957 by his Uncle who bought it from Vince Galloni in 1941.Vince told his uncle it was the last Mercer made and the Serial number #21011 ,factory fitted four wheel brakes and the oil pressure gauge is stamped June 1925 possibly back this up. The body style is very different to all other Raceabouts,seats side by side not staggered,a locker between the gas tank and body,single filler cap,fillin panels betwween the tank and body,Long cowl with vents either side of the cowl and the four wheel brakes that let you get out there and mix it with todays traffic. The sound of a Series Six is something else,the throar of the four but smoother and more threatening with the extra two cylinders and dual ignition. I know this as some days with a beer in hand I just fire it up to listen to it with the cutout open,beats Abba hands down. The car was ordered by a Wealthy New York Banker,forclosed on in 1933 then sold to John,s Uncle in 1941,we have both of these documents ,it has been in the family ever since. With the Raceabout diff ratio ,light body weight the performance is something else,plus being able to stop it quickly lets you do as John did get out and drive it,full windscreen up or folded. It is on the the market and Carol would like to see it go to someone in the Mercer Family who will use it as John Did and keep this unique piece of Mercer and American motoring history alive. If you are interested I have reams of info and photos. John Hancox
  10. Hi ,Are you aware that John Boyles Series Six 1925 is for sale.this is one of two surviving Raceabouts the other is in Portugal.This is the last Mercer made so Vince Galloni told John,s Uncle when he bought it from Vince in 1941.It is the only Mercer with the 1925 standard four wheel brakes which let it stop unlike most other Mercers. It is the only Mercer in the 1925 Series numbers of # 21001 up the chassis # being # 21011,engine # 265A not like the other Series Six carrying the 101- prefix.No other existing Mercer is in this series range. John was given this car on his 17th birthday in 1957 and has driven and maintained it up to his passing in 2009.I Have a wealth of Series Six information and photos of this Unique Raceabout if you are interested,I have a Tourer myself ,153 Series Six were we believe the total produced with 8 surviving on the road. My email is Cheers,John Hancox
  11. Hi Prewarpieces. I have an original Series Six Tourer Chassis Stamped on rear dumb iron T39.The remaining approximately 8 running cars are 2 Raceabouts,1 Runabout,A Repro Raceabout body on a Tourer chassis and 4 Sporting. This is to the best of my knowledge. 1923 was the first Production year,went into receivership in July 1923 and stopped production in March 1924. No more cars were produced until early 1925 production ceasing in June.Approximately 153 cars produced in total. Maintenance and parts were continued until early 1928.
  12. Hi Brockway,I was interested in your December 17th 2006 posting that stated Mercer only produced 153 Series Six Mercers. I have a series Six Touring and have guessed for years at how many were produced. Cheers, John Hancox