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  1. My name is Randy and i have Chronic Vehicle Disorder or CVD. My cylinder index is well over 100 (count your cylinders to establish your index) and I am told there is no hope for cure.
  2. Thank you Dave and others for your input. The paint is over 10 years old and shows no evidence of adverse reactions. some chips in the paint at the leading surfaces. Looking under the car, there is no heavy undercoating or new anything sprayed on the car. I will make the offer to purchase and see where it leads. Again, thank you for your time.
  3. 110 coupe. Stock with correct but older restoration. Car has always been in the northwest. Correct interior, nice gauges, seats, floors, non rusty and drives like new. Far from perfect and far from junk. Very showable car. Can I pay $19,000 and be OK? I dont care about 2 or 3 grand too much. I simply would like an assisted estimate. I can be emailed at emery.properties@comcast.net OH, and thank you.
  4. Thank you. You were right. My images were too large.
  5. Stock. Portland, OR. Runs good, nice interior, split tires, no rust. $14,950. 503-477-4347.
  6. pat, I may be 6 months late but thought I would toss this out. Is the car still available?
  7. Hello- I recently purchased a 1931 Cadillac 355. It has been restored and I have developed questions that the manual does not address. If anyone has knowledge about these cars I would certainly appreciate an email or a call. I am Randy Emery and can be emailed at randy@badboyauto.com or you can call me at 503-477-4347. I seek some specifice inforamation about certain appointments the car may have have originally. Thank you.
  8. I will keep my eyes peeled, also. I am so sorry. Randy in Portland, Oregon
  9. I just got this car. It has been inside the original owners garage for years. I carried it home, put a new battery in, poured 4.999 gallons a gas in the tank and .001 gallons in the carb. it fired right up. I would like to give the engine a tune up. It has the 259 V8 and an automatic. I would like to find a dist cap, rotor, plugs and wires, points, etc. Can anyone tell me where i can get them? Thank you. Randy 503-477-4347
  10. Sedan is very nice and straight. flat head six. $13,500 coupe is very nice. 400 small block. automatic. power brakes. $25,950 Both in Portland, Oregon. Both very nice. see them at www.badboyauto.com Thank you,
  11. Henryvotel, you might read things a little closer.
  12. A friend of mine owns this Lark. It is solid and needs little. Fresh paint is on it, nice dash, seats, headliner. Needs a piece of door glass, and some included interior parts intalled. Includes two peices of exterior stainless that need installation. A nice car. Call me at 503-705- 2257. I have images I can send.
  13. Hello- I just bought a 1930 Model A. It is nice, clean and fun. But, it is lacking the VIN on the firewall. Can anyone tell me where this should be and where I can get one? The engine has been changed and is not original. Thank you.
  14. This car runs well and is bright and shiny. It is not a show car but would provide years of fun and trophies at local cruise ins. The price is $14,500. My wife and I own a small car lot and you can see images of this car at www.badboyauto.com Thank you for reading.
  15. I own a Cord and have been an enthusiast for some years now. I believe that car is a Graham. I have read that several Grahams, before their demise, used as many Cord parts as they could. Maybe the Cord dash, in this instance.
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