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  1. I have a feeling it will be tough finding one let alone one with the old turbo setup still intact... I just want one that runs with no motor issues to start with and would love a 4 speed but i wont hold my breath... Im just a poor college student looking for a cool, & special car (i love the looks of the jetfire over the corvair corsa). Thanks for your reply! -Justin

  2. So just looking around at old cars (old to me, im 21...) and i came across the 1962 Olds Jetfire. My previous car was a '55 chevy bel air and before that 1971 porsche 914 (i can work on my own cars). I love the style of the olds F-85 and the idea of owning the first production turbo car is appealing smile.gif . I am looking for a running condition car but not a show car (wish i had the money for a nicer condition car). I am having trouble even trying to find one car for sale. I live in central pa. Any one know of a 1962 Oldsmobile Jetfire that at least runs (inspected would be great but not required) that is for sale and somewhere near pa? Thanks -Justin [Olds Newbie]

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