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  1. I bought this car to stop using my 1990 Reatta as my daily driver. Since it is the middle trim model, Premium Coupe I thought it would have courtesy lights besides the map lights. It doesn't even have footwell lights or trunk light that is listed in the owners manual. Does have all the other stuff, leather, shaker stereo, power seat etc. Is it possible that something happened to the build sheet? Since it has dimming and brightening for the map lights if I were to install led foot well lights and figure some way to mount one in the back of console to add some light to the back seat would that o
  2. I am selling my Coupe, condition I is good to fair, mostly good. In the last year it has received a new set of tires, battery,dashboard surround with vents,BCM. Last two years brake accumulated,brake fluid changed plus what I can't remember. I do have service receipts for the last 19 years or so. Was repainted about 5 years ago with urethane. The interior is original, carpets in front are great, behind the seats is faded. Seats need a cleaning, the 16 way drivers seat shows some signs of wear, no rips or punctures. The yellow anti brake light is intermittent. Car does not leak, engine is perfe
  3. Well I did it. I found a low mileage 2005 V6 premium trim mustang for $4,600. The paint shop will get the Reatta in the next few days and to lower the price he can keep it in his shop and work on it when things are slow,much better price. I was supposed to pick up the 72 Centurion today after being in the shop for almost 9 months. Maybe tomorrow, having trouble with the new door cards, this is a different shop than the Reatta is going to. Since I live in a condominium I have arranged for the convertible Centurion to share garage space at a friends 8 car garage, he is a real car collector and
  4. Thanks to all. I have always liked oddball and different cars than most folks. I was also looking at Mazda Rx 8s but was told they were ugly which is not a problem, then someone else told me the Rotary engine in the RX 8 is good for 100,000 miles and rebuilding one is not really rebuilt like a piston engine that can be bored 30,000 over size. Padgett thanks for the reminder of the Crossfire, I looked for one with my brother who bought a Cadillac, maybe I was adopted. I also am looking for a Subaru Brat. Once again thanks to all for your time, the search goes on. Richard
  5. About 5 years ago I had the same problem we a rock. State Farm had Safelite at my home the next day and installed a PiLkington for $1,800.00 and have had no problems.
  6. I my found out that to paint my Reatta with a two step clear coat paint, align hood $1,800. Refurbish interior using existing leather(no rips, some cracks on drivers side seat bolster) Drive train in good shape, oil level does not drop every 3k everything works but courtesy lights. Here in Miami I can buy a 2005 or 6 Mustang for 4 to 6 K with 80 to 100,000 miles. HELP! What should I do? Spend 4grand onReatta or replace it?
  7. Forgot to mention that down here my AC is on high 50 weeks a year. I am pretty sure that the radiator fans are on high when AC is on.
  8. Hi Ronnie, it has been raining here all day,I will check it tomorrow and let you know what I find. Thank you for your help, Richard
  9. Thank you Barney,after I checked the relay (no difference) I tried a known good BCM, still no change. Even with the B relay in my hand when I turn the key to run the fog and clearence lights come on. Tomorrow I will check the export mode. Thanks for your time, Richard Ps I know have a spare BCM for my spare parts box. I have found some unknown characters when I hit symbols twice by mistake, maybe one of them is a line. Good luck.
  10. I have studied the schematic in the fsm and I can't figure it out. Whenever the key is on all the marker lights, the amber light in the headlight switch comes on. I sent the switch to Jim Finn after I pushed the fog Light button too hard and he replaced it. When there was no headlight switch I noticed the fog lights were on. On the schematic I cant see how the lights can be backfed some how. My next thing is to turn the key on and start pulling fuses one at a time. The fog light relay checks good on the bench. All help, ideas,gratefully accepted. Thanks, Richard
  11. Looks like a previous owner dib not us antifreeze in Miami. Side flow radiator used plain water. The person I bought it from just drained the water and added enough to give the coolant to give it a green tint. New rad installed and removed side tank and it was half clogged with corrosion everything's good now. Thanks for everybodys help. Richard
  12. Needs to be automatic, size of engine (stock) not important. Richard, again.
  13. Car should be as well optioned as possible, a/c, power brakes, steering, I don't think they came with power windows but can be added email dalk01@aol.com phone 305 233 9593 Thanks, Richard
  14. My explanation was hard to understand, I removed the bottom petcock untill coolant stopped, started car until last of coolant poured out then filled with fresh water while it was running until drainage was clear. Shut off engine, let drain. Capacity is about 2 gallons so after closing the petcock and poured the full strength gallon into the system then poured about 5 quarts clean water with heater on high and reserve bottle to cold. Down here for extra profits they sell half strength coolant fot the same price, to avoid having to use half of what you bought when you are just topping up. Theor
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