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  1. well...there is no latch, no hook, no nothing to push to release...it is just stuck and I cannot get it off....any thoughts? its a chrome switch, not a black plastic one..
  2. believe me guys....they are both fully collapsed...otherwise I would not ask all of you if there ARE indeed differences in lenght..
  3. hey fellow tc freaks...I got 2 umbrellas....they vary in size....did they come in different sizes???
  4. exotic red,very good paint but little fixable dent on front right.... local pickup - no shipping! in los angeles
  5. sorry for late reply....working on it...will leave feedback
  6. got it...chrysler dealer....9.99 thanks
  7. hi guys...no pep boys, no autozone..where can I find THIS?! its on top of the engine and holds the pcv valve...any ideas? substitutions?
  8. aha...great..found it!..thanks...
  9. even more questions.... thinking of switching a still installed brandnew never used top out of one tc into another.. has anyone done that? ( I am sure) looks easy...is it?
  10. failed smog check with 1145 NOS measured at 15mph ( average is 237) 1034 NOS measured at 25mph ( average is 199 ) can it be a broken EGR? clogged fuelfilter even? bad O2 sensor?
  11. thanks guys!~...so since I have the 2.2 chrysler turbo I will be on the safe side...but the question still remains... do I just buy a new belt and put it in? or do I have to perform those specific operations in order to get it right???
  12. doing 65 on easter sunday...timing belt snapped...barely able to pull over then cranked it 3 times...nothing...pushing it off the road in neutral..now sits in driveway of a helpful person 400 yards off of the freeway, 23 miles from home... now...do I have that kind of engine that is totalled when the timing belt snaps? or am I easter lucky and able to put it back together ( of course with the right tdc ) 4cyl chrysler turbo
  13. lou! thanks for the hint!! its a 4cyl 2.2 turbo 3 speed....so I just change the fluid and the filter and I am good? and what type of fluid am I supposed to use? thats cool!
  14. me again....tc drives great...but slips when shifting to the 2nd gear...never to 3rd...and not all the time...went up a very steep hill the other day ( slow) and it was slipping while driving...it never did that before... never e ven slips when accellerating or when I really press on the gas... anyone familiar with that issue? is my trans completly f$@^ or could it be a small fix? let me know....because if this is a major thing...you guys can buy my tc!
  15. great...so I put up this ad on cl and someone offers me a headlight plus cornerlight in pristine condition, sends me great pics and the price was also great...package gets here, cornerlight is broken off, plastic is chipped and screws are broken off all connection points...headlight chipped and here's the thing...it is not an original tc light ( straight and made in italy) it is convex and made in japan!..the glass is glued onto the plastic frame and fits it... now I just hope I get my money back... anyone has one? real and not 400 bucks?
  16. hey fellow tc lovers... found a burgundy hood for my red tc...needs to be repainted... got ofer to get it done for $553, including uv coat and color match... seeeeeeeems like a good price...unless you tell me something else... oh..does someone have a red passenger fender for my 89?! someone just mentioned schwab....seems like dirt cheap no quality...right?
  17. which is the correct one? 20 tooth gear — All Dodge/Chrysler except Dodge Monaco 16 tooth base — All Dodge/Chrysler except Dodge Monaco found here Odometer Gears | 72 Croatan Road | Newport News, VA 23606 | 757.593.3478
  18. too late...I bought from someone else...if you know him...maybe you know if he has a passenger side fender in red..
  19. cool...so kyb is not the worst crap ever....good to know!
  20. since I found a new hood which is burgundy sunburned, I want it to match the rest of the tc which is red... did anyone here ever got a hood repainted and how much was it? ( I got a 1600 estimate which is bull....) if you know if anyone in the LA area who does a kick ass paintjob...let me know! thanks guys!!!
  21. call rick!! in sun valley..he has 3 tc's to part out and they all have the seats still inthere! maybe he also has something you might need - just ask him! tell him I said HI!!.(JIM)..if you call, ask for him...anyone else has no clue what we are talking about ( tc's) 818 9838543 the address is 11590 tuxford street in sun valley, ca
  22. called gilbert again.....he does not pick up....and I dont leave another message.. thanks for trying anyway!!
  23. hey there... I am tempted to buy shocks&struts from ebay for $131 !..so front and rear would be covered by kyb manufactured items...anyone ever tried these? or a better advice?
  24. guys...fyi....there are 3 tc's (1 90,1 91, 1 89 ) sitting in sun valley in a junkyard....no hardtops, no lights...1 1990 hood left...seats etc.... still lots of stuff to find...if anyone goes, bring me some floor mats!
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