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  1. Also notice that a brake fluid reservoir has been added to the firewall Can others suggest where I can find one for my 1932 Roadster..would save a lot of headaches when adding fluid. Phil
  2. Just finished rebuilding my 41 transmission, and wonder if a Permatex sealer would be necessary , considering that the cover gasket is in good condition.
  3. A .45 caliber pistol has been manufactured using the 3D process in steel. It has been test fired with no problem. Welcome to the 21st century.
  4. Many thanks.. I am looking for a Bowden, but nothing ay my local NAPA, Autozone, etc.. Maybe Hershey ?
  5. My vintage throttle cable seems to be 12" short of the carburetor link. Any way to fasten an extension to the cable without replacing the entire unit ?
  6. One more question.... If using a sealer, would a permanent type be better than a flexible one, ie Permatex #2.
  7. Jeff Wonder if this is why they named the company York Hoover BODY /
  8. Just had my 346 engine rebuilt, and noticed that the freeze plugs were installed with the convex side turned inward. I seem to recall that these were designed to be installed with the convex side outward , so that a hammer strike would expand them into the opening. Advice ?
  9. MYSTERY SOLVED !!! Seems that Pushbutton was right. The system is designed to substantially squeeze the line to a smaller diameter when placing the die into the jig. This results in a slightly smaller line after flaring, but with no damage to the flare. Another learning moment . Appreciate the input from the AACA group.
  10. This is the Eastwood flaring tool with the rotating head. Overall, a good design, and well constructed, but the 1/4 die is apparently flawed on my piece. A micrometer reading shows .224 , so that the .250 tube can not be placed into the die "sandwich" , and then allowing the two sections to come together. I have contacted Eastwood, and am awaiting their reply.
  11. Good thought, but clearly marked 1/4 on the die.
  12. Matt You might be on to something, although the tubing I have been ordering as 1/4" measures exactly 1/4" OD. I am now checking with the flaring tool supplier,and asking him the question. Mr Pushbutton I realize that the die needs to substantially grip the tube, but my system separates the two halves in a manner that a 1/32 gap remains , so that it is virtually impossible to insert the die into the tool base.
  13. I have been having difficulty fitting newer brake line tubing into a high priced specialty flaring tool. Although the 1/4" line seems to be correct, the two halves of the die are substantially separated when the line is installed in the jig. Anyone else experiencing this issue ?
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