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  1. sorry for the slow response, i haven't been on for a couple days, i ordered them from Hagens
  2. Does anyone know where I could find a header for a 1947 Chrysler windsor flathead 6 cyl
  3. thanks for the quick replies.already ordered and hopefully on the way to me in about three days.
  4. 1940 Plymouth Deluxw with a flathead six, 3.3l, 201cid. I need the part #s and if you know of a supply source would appreciate that info also,thanks.
  5. I'm looking for a starter, I'll email you
  6. I'm looking for a starter for a 1947 windsor flathead 6cyl, if you have one how can i contactyou about the details.
  7. Thanks for the direction I'll check it out.
  8. I need to find a starter for a 1947 chrysler windsor with a flathead 6 cylinder motor, HELP
  9. Do you know if this starter will fit a 1947 windsor with a flathead six, price if it will
  10. I am wanting to replace the original differental with a ford differental. has anybody else done this job and what did the replacement diff come out of. any ideas would help
  11. Hey, afriend gave me this application by a company that will get you a title. The name of the company is Broadway Title Company, Inc., P.O. Box #130303, Birmingham, Alabama, 35213, Phone # 800-4643222, Fax#205-326-1152, E-mail:titles@broadwaytitle.com . I've never used them but have passed it (copies) on to others who have said they did. Hope this helps. Oh yeah you will need a Notorized Bill of sale.
  12. I am trying to find out the firing order for a 1940 Plymouth Windsor L6/ Flathead, thanks in advance for any help.
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