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  1. After undue pressure from my significant other, who shall remain nameless, I have decided(demanded) to sell my TC. Here is the craigslist ad for it: 1989 Chrysler TC by Maserati Let me know if you are interested. Thanks, Scott
  2. This may just be a generic car question or it could be something specific to the TC, but I just started getting a thumping sound and the feeling like I am riding on a flat, when I make a left turn. It feels as if it coming from the right front wheel. I have not crawled under to see if something is impeding it when I turn, but barring that what could be causing this. Thanks in advance for your thoughts and suggestions.
  3. Update: The new battery I bought was bad, although it could have been an electrical problem in the car that caused it. I swapped in a new battery and had the alternator checked, and sure enough it is not throwing out enough to charge the battery. I have a new one on order ($157.00 plus tax, title, dealer prep, undercoating and FOB). Anything I should know about installing the new one? like where is the old one.. Thanks in advance for the responses.
  4. Please forgive the ignorance, I haven't worked on cars since I rebuilt old Fiat 850's back in High School, and that was like working on a glorified lawnmower. I am having some electrical problems with my recently purchased 89' TC. THe previous owner had wired after market fog lights in the front grill and ran a switch to the dashboard. In addition, they had installed a new stereo that the 10 amp fuse would burnout occassionally. So, I put it a 15 amp so as not to have to keep having to replace it, and I didn;t care if the stereo burned up. I recently replaced the battery due to accidentally
  5. Bob, Thank you for the detailed instructions. Once I was able to understand which direction I needed to move things, it worked like a charm.
  6. After pulling the hood release fruitlessly a few times, I am unable to get the hood to release. I see where the previous owner, oh so delicately broke out a small section of the grill to get to the hood latch. The question is how do I manipulate the latch to open the hood. Any and all ideas are welcomed. Thanks!
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