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  1. After undue pressure from my significant other, who shall remain nameless, I have decided(demanded) to sell my TC. Here is the craigslist ad for it: 1989 Chrysler TC by Maserati Let me know if you are interested. Thanks, Scott
  2. This may just be a generic car question or it could be something specific to the TC, but I just started getting a thumping sound and the feeling like I am riding on a flat, when I make a left turn. It feels as if it coming from the right front wheel. I have not crawled under to see if something is impeding it when I turn, but barring that what could be causing this. Thanks in advance for your thoughts and suggestions.
  3. Update: The new battery I bought was bad, although it could have been an electrical problem in the car that caused it. I swapped in a new battery and had the alternator checked, and sure enough it is not throwing out enough to charge the battery. I have a new one on order ($157.00 plus tax, title, dealer prep, undercoating and FOB). Anything I should know about installing the new one? like where is the old one.. Thanks in advance for the responses.
  4. Please forgive the ignorance, I haven't worked on cars since I rebuilt old Fiat 850's back in High School, and that was like working on a glorified lawnmower. I am having some electrical problems with my recently purchased 89' TC. THe previous owner had wired after market fog lights in the front grill and ran a switch to the dashboard. In addition, they had installed a new stereo that the 10 amp fuse would burnout occassionally. So, I put it a 15 amp so as not to have to keep having to replace it, and I didn;t care if the stereo burned up. I recently replaced the battery due to accidentally leaving the headlights on (twice) and killed the old battery. I decided one day to turn on the foglights to see if they would go on without the headlights (of course they should they were direct wired to the battery). Well when I did that the stereo started going blank every couple of minutes or so and then come back on. I knew I screwed something up. So, all this may be completely unrelated but the car was slow to turn over one day, which it felt like a drained battery and not a starter issue. As I drove it around, I was steadily losing power and it was intermittent at times as well. I pulled over and idled for a bit and the car began to run a bit rough and I smelled burning electrical, so I shut it down. I tried to turn the car over and it was absolutely dead. So, I decided to disable all the wiring attached to the battery, since I didn't know if it was the foglights or after market stereo and then jumped the car. It started just fine but when I pulled the cables it died within 30 seconds. I re-jumped it and ran it a bit with cables attached. Pulled them off and kept the car at just norht of 2000 rpms. I noticed my right passenger window wouldn't go down (odd) and after 4 or 5 minutes the engine started misfiring and eventually sputtered out. Battery is dead. I pulled the battery to have the core checked, and frankly it could be underpowered due to the aftermarket crap. It is the correct size rating, but I noticed the old one was the next one up on the battery scale. With all this said and I said a lot. I don't want to chase problems but could this be the alternator and if not what does someone suggest. Grats for reading the novel.
  5. Bob, Thank you for the detailed instructions. Once I was able to understand which direction I needed to move things, it worked like a charm.
  6. After pulling the hood release fruitlessly a few times, I am unable to get the hood to release. I see where the previous owner, oh so delicately broke out a small section of the grill to get to the hood latch. The question is how do I manipulate the latch to open the hood. Any and all ideas are welcomed. Thanks!
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