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  1. Have early rear end. One piece spindles. No inspection plate on hogshead. I would really not to part it out. It is complete. I will try to do pictures, if I can figure it out.
  2. Hey fellow T buffs. I have a complete and unassembled 1909 ford Model T. Can somebody help me sell it. I need help getting a price. Ok in really no hurry, just trying to get a ball park figure before I place am ad. Thanx.
  3. You fellows are killin me!! Why not put in a fuel injected engine, along with power steering, and maybe some power assist for them modern brakes? I'm not trying to be a wise guy, I'm just a purist and it kills me too hydrolic hoses, disc brakes, ect..... Sorry guys I vented I'm done, hope were still friends?
  4. Hey thanx!, I checked out the pix. The Doble on the front page with the white wall tires..... Breathtaking. Someday, I hope to get the priveledge to just ride in one. One thing before I kick the bucket. Thanx for the info!
  5. Just leave it stock. Rubber hoses comming from the wheels just ruins it! Look, it been workin for 85 years or so, leave it alone.
  6. There is a company that making replicas of a 1902 Locomobile. That would be cool! The company is put of England. Google up, Locomobile Replica.
  7. Hey Jay, I had very same thing happen to me in my 15 Model T, it was a small flake of galvanize that came loose from inside my tank
  8. There is a company in England that is makeing a "kit" a replica of a 1902 Locomobile. Good idea! Why why why can't somebody remake the great Doble? It really was a great car! Anyone who has done some research would agree. It was a great car in the thirties, can you imagine if ingineers stuck to that design and kept improving even more?! Is anyone out there diplucating it or trying?
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