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  1. Things to check when the trans stays in 3rd gear.. There is a fault code readout connector located next to or near the fuse box. Have a shop read the codes and this well give you a start. To fix my car I replaced the selonoid valves replaced the trans control computer and changed the oil and filter in the trans, good hunting.
  2. add my name to the list for one cover gasket---John Wallauch in Sacramento CA
  3. If you are interested in contacting Hemi, his number is 805-216-9257. His 40 years in the field has given him a good understanding of Chrysler products and he is near you if you can dive over to Ventura area----TC JOHN
  4. Thanks Barely Fit, yes I have spent a lot of time removing parts fro the TC's in the wrecking year in Rancho. They had 5 car and are now done to four. Let me know what you are looking for John W or as I am know know "TC JOHN"
  5. I purchased parts from Rick about two months ago---Try rick@rdiperformance.com John W in Grante Bay #3445
  6. can you tell us how the six disk player was installed and connected to the stock radio, thanks
  7. Looking for a replacement radio for my wifes 1990 TC. She would like a AM/FM with cassette and CD. Any suggestions on were to find one? John in Granite Bay
  8. Yellowdog, suggest you check the shop mannul on water temp. From my experience the Maz temp gauge will run on the low side, within the first two marks. There may be others that have similar experiences---stuck in Granite Bay
  9. Cory I see that the motor was rebuilt at 89 K--Sorry for the question--
  10. Is this car still available and at what milage was the motor rebuilt? Have you set a new selling price?
  11. Thanks for the directions on removing the cluster cover, as for the dash top, will that be accomplished by removing a number of screws? the goal is to replace or repair a speaker on the reight side?---John
  12. Thank You for the dieections, and then the removal of the dash top can be completed with removal of three or four faseners, is this correct?
  13. Any one have directions on how to remove the cluster cover? Mannual says to depress headllamp shaft and shows a botton. how do you get to the release? also how difficult is it to remove the dash top cover once the cluser cover is removed to replace a speaker? Thanks inadvance for you help, Stuck in Grante Bay TC Club 3545--John
  14. Don't forget the group size, look for a group 34.
  15. Hi, Interested in the car. Are hardtop portholes clear? Does the soft top have original glass window? Is car driveable to the West Coast? Thanks, John W
  16. I have a 1990 TC with a black leather, can anyone help me locate a source that will recover the sun cover over the gauges. I am in the northern California area.
  17. Thanks to those who responded to my question about correcting porthole glass problem...great suggestions. By the way, we have had the car for 2 weeks, joined the T C club last week and received the newsletter on past articles on various issues relatiing to the cars. I do have a new question. The hard top pull down system does not function, can anyone provide some pointers on diagnosing and repairing the problem? thanks, o ce again for you help. John W 1990 T C
  18. Does anyone know where to find 2 new, or new condition, porthole windows for a T C? John W
  19. Do you still have the tool kit? If yes, what are you asking? John W
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