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  1. Any news? still haven't been able to make contact.
  2. John Hanson Have tried to email you twice, not sure if they are getting through? Can you let me know please.
  3. Anybody know if two door moulds are the same, or have some for a four door??
  4. Definitely need one for leading edge of rear fender which I imagine would be the same as 2 door. Anyone else know if the rocker panel mould interchanges?? How much do you want if they fit? Thanks Paul
  5. That's the one, it's a four door though, do you have trims for a four door or would the two door ones be the same?
  6. It is a Holden body, from what I'm told the parts are the same, but happy to be corrected. It's not my car just trying to help track down some parts for one that was side swiped.
  7. Need left hand side rocker panel stainless steel/chrome moldings, left hand side part that runs between the front and rear guards under the doors, also stainless/chrome moldings for rear mudguard. Any leads appreciated, will ship from anywhere.
  8. You are not alone. Nit wit governments seem to be doing the rounds. Australia is currently being screwed back into the ground from where it's wealth came from.
  9. I actually have my own paint system and can match it up, was just seeing if there was a formula out there to work from. I own the 38 century sport coupe that was owned by Harry Logan. It was restored in the USA by Dave Lewis. It's done very few miles since being imported to Australia, and the whole car is still perfect. Just a small stone chip to touch up. It is a beautiful colour though, looks fantastic in the sun.
  10. Does anyone have a modern formula close to whistler grey? Info from any paint brand is fine.
  11. Grease'm and leave'm. I'm of the same opinion above, unless they are doing the job for free, I don't think "I'll give it a shot" is the sort of reply you want from someone working on a critical part of the suspension.
  12. Just to add to the discussion, when looking up the content of oil or reading forums advising content be sure to check the date of the publication. The additives are removed or reduced regularly to comply with specs or laws and what you read in something written a couple of years ago may well be innacurate.
  13. As above has stated zddp (zinc and phosphorus) content should now be your prime concern when looking for an engine oil for a vintage car. This additive mainly protects the hard contact surfaces between the camshaft and lifters and valve train. There is unlikely to be an oil on the market that is not going to generally lubricate the engine and keep it running, but zddp has been or will be removed from most oils in the us market as it is considered a pollutant. Modern cars no longer require this additive due to the advent of roller rockers, roller lifters and overhead cams etc. It also has nega
  14. My understanding of platinum plugs is that they are designed for longevity, not performance. You will find platinum plugs in the rear bank of v6 camry, Taurus etc. They used them in those applications so the plugs would last 80 to 100k (50,000+ miles) due to replacement taking around 8 hours labour in some vehicles due to their location in front wheel drive vehicles. Whilst they will do the job I have read journals stating that the performance is not equivalent to a standard plug.
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