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  1. thanks for all the input. my computer has not been working very good lately
  2. I have a 1936 buick 90L. I want to put Tripp lights on it . Questiion is do they turn on with the headlight switch or are they on a seperate switch.',
  3. thanks i will hook them up with a seperate switch to turn them on .This is not a show car. its a driver.
  4. thanks for the tnput. Sounds like a good idea to put a fuse in the line. How were they hooked up from the factory?
  5. I just bought trippe lights for the front of my 1936 buick 90L, do they turn on when i turn the head lights on, or do i put a switch to turn them on.
  6. the mags i have are ford life not ford times . I typed the name wrong .thanks for the input
  7. I just bought a pile of ford times magazines. question , I have twelve. About how many years did they print these magazines.
  8. Hi Pete Thanks for the .Il try to contact the dr. Keep smiling Gene thia ens
  9. I am trying to restore a buick 90L. I am re doing the trunk now . my question is , In the trunk is the floor covering the same as the inside of the fenders in the trunk? or did they have a rubber floor mat. thanks
  10. I need rear vent windows for a Buick 90L (limo).
  11. need vent windows. I need the frames, I have the glass.
  12. I need rear vent windows for a 1936 Buick 90L. Info where i might buy two. Any help would be helpful.
  13. I need rear vent windows for a 1936 Buick 90L (back seat vents).
  14. Hi I need the rear vent windows for a 1936 Buick 90L. I have the glass.
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