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    Adam in the Cougar
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    Jeepy !!
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    Woodward Kid

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    Adam with a cool Fairlane !!!
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    Bill Ford

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    Check it out - Bill Ford Jr. with my cars!!!!
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    Wet but not rusty !!! (One of those wet Woodward Dream Cruises...)
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    66 Fairlane 3

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    Here's my Fairlane !!!
  7. Anything is better than nothing !!! My HV-12 pumps the fumes (and the oil) out the oil filler tub all over the place! I have a manifold with a 1" hole drilled and tapped for plumming, which is then run under the vehicle. I kept that stuff because it was a very old fix, and was done quite well actually. It adds a bit to the story too. The pan attached unit would be cool too, as would the PCV plate under the carb. Just a question on the plate technique, where would you affix the hose? How about a PCV valve and grommet in the manifold, then plummed to the carb spacer? That could probably be hidden pretty well, not detracting too much as long as it didn't attract too much attention? My '66 fairlane actually has a metal tube plummed into the manifold utilizing a rubber tube from the PCV valve in the valve cover to the fragile metal tube. Same concept.
  8. That was a great story. Thanks for the post. It makes me feel good that every once in a while they get what they deserve!!
  9. Thanks everybody!! This sounded like total BS and it gets even better - he now says he's on an American carrier acting as a security guard in the gulf. He's from the gulf alright, but probably running from that carrier and not on it.
  10. I recieved a note from this guy: Rollins Cut < claiming that a check has been cut to purchase a vehicle, but it's more than the asking price. Cash it and send the rest to the shipping company. Does this sound like total BS to you?? I'd like to know if this guy is legit, and if not, to warn others that this guy is out there. Thanks!
  11. I found a set of lift brackets off a 351C to work great on the HV12. They can be put under a few of the stud nuts, and moved around if necessary. Works best with the manifold removed just to ensure none of the fragile stuff gets hurt.