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  1. Wow Jeff, Have to agree with you 269 views and just you, Tom, and I with a response. I might not be able to make the trip as well, I may be opening another shop here soon and if that happens. I will have no time for a trip till I can completely staff.
  2. Jeff do you plan on going and if you are will you bring a vehicle, or anyone else plan on having a car there. I might load up trailer and my father and head out.
  3. What meet and where, I have been watching for dates but haven't seen anything coming up in the near future.
  4. Iain, Could be loss of spark on six cylinders or weak spark, we found that by pulling spark plug wires one by one you may find three on one side and three on other with either little or no spark. Will still run smooth at idle, could be points, condensor, or one side of coil. Good luck
  5. Marty, Sorry I will call you today when I get caught up at shop. I tryed to post pictures this weekend but was unable to get them to upload. I am sure I am doing something wrong but I have had this issue in the past. I try later again today or if need be I can email them.
  6. Ok, Lets see if I can get this right, still have trailer, rear door 6ft high, inside 76 inches high, wood floor 1/2 tongue and groove floor covered with 7/16 thick plywood painted red non skid. wheel wells 11" high, 2 incandeescent lites inside, at least 12 outside, walls 3/4 plywood, non insulated, two small side vents, no winch, no electric jack. Keep in mind I used this trailer to haul around our 1940 Lincoln Continental conv. and it worked perfect for me. we took this trailer from Ill, to N.C. with no issuses and would use again in a heart beat. I am asking 2500.00 Thanks again Mark D LeBlanc will have pictures by weekend for sure. or can email on request.
  7. Well never fails, leaves deposit says he will pick up thursday, comes in today with his wife and says she won't let him purchase it. So back on market I will post pictures this weekend. Mark
  8. Kinda of funny I have an uncle bob, but I believe he lives in Florida. Really the main reason all the letters in my posts all large is in my management system we use the large letters it looks better on an invoice to our customers. So sorry I am used to typing that way, no harm ment.
  9. Trailer is sold thanks for all the inquiries. Mark D LeBlanc
  13. we are selling a 20ft 10,000 lbs torsion bar suspension system wells cargo trailer. has newer goodyear load range D 15" tires, with dove tail rear gate. 70% left on all four electric brakes, and lube buddys. trailer is painted brickman beige outside, inside white walls, red non skid paint with black stripes in tire path. we welded 4 d rings front and back to frame and has 6 other d rings that just mount to floor. we are selling this trailer only cause I purchased a three door 24 ft otherwise we planned on keeping this one. will post pictures as soon as I can. asking 2500.00 YOU CAN REACH ME AT 847 548 2277 OR 773 354 1368.
  14. WOW, is right looks great Tom. Hope all goes well with getting up and running good luck!
  15. Gentleman, my lincoln is 342 and I believe my car has that wire as well but I will double check.
  16. kram


    Good day all, Just wanted to put a thanks out there too, Tom, Jeff, Paul, and Phil. You guys are great, keeping the forum going. I wish I had more time but it seems all I do is check in and watch from the sidelines. Keep up the good work Tom and Jim I will talk too later. Thanks again to all, and those I did not mention, Mark
  17. Good day all, On my 1940 lincoln the old fuel pump was incorrect with a glass bowl. I replaced with the proper pump and vehicle seems to run much better, but I do not see any type of fuel filter for this system. Did they have a filter in line at some point or is there one inside this pump. Thanks again Mark
  18. Jim, Hope the pictures I Emailed you help, is was great talking too you on Thursday. Good luck with your car.
  19. Hey, Tom I noticed that as well mine is also painted body color, Do you have your car back yet?
  20. Jim if you search this web site or search my posts there are more than enough pictures of my 1940 lincoln that should help you. Let me know if this helps if not I will try and copy and past them to this post. Hope this helps Mark,
  21. Thanks again to everyone for all the information, today was a better day fired up lincoln and she runs wonderful again. I will post some pictures here soon still need to replace fuel pump, hose to fuel pump, shift knob and rear axle shift cable. Then we should be good too go. Thanks again everyone Mark P.S. Tom hope the lincoln comes home soon good luck!!
  22. Good afternoon, Thanks again for all the info, right side cylinder head on and compression is restored which is great news. I will continue with repairs once I receive my intake manifold gasket. Which brings me too my next question intake manifold torque specification. Thanks in advance Mark. P.S. will try and post some pictures of repair as we go along.
  23. Good afternoon all, First of all want to thank everyone for your suppport on the car. I will get it running again and take it from there, but would be very helpful if anyone has cylinder head torque specification and bolt pattern. Keep in mind cast iron heads, all information would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Mark
  24. Good afternoon all, Thanks so much for all your help, the valves seem to be sealing very well just waiting for heads to come back from machine shop. cleaned everything up poured fluid in intake chamber and no leaks. We will continue with reassembly on Monday. I also think that I will sell this car after this repair is completed and I know everything is ok. I love the car but really don't have the time right now to make it fit with work and family.