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  1. Mr. Earl, you're absolutely right- just to be considered is an honor!
  2. Thanks, Matt- yeah, there are some really nice cars in the mix! The Shelby KR at the top is a really nice car. And yes, I think I have a great backstory. My dad wasn't around to see it post-restoration,but he was around when I pulled my own "barn find" out of 20 years of hibernation and got it road worthy enough to take him for a ride. That was a great ride, warts and all.
  3. Hi All, I was very pleased to find out my car is a finalist for Muscle Machine of the Year! The winner is determined pretty much by popular vote. Please take a look at my GSX and if you think it's worthy, please take time to vote. Thanks! http://www.hemmings.com/editorial/mmoyvote
  4. Thank you for the responses! And Tom, thanks for the picture from 1986- very cool and the fender is obviously of interest. I will probably print it out and drop by Joe's house with the car. It certainly is interesting that it spent the last 25-years or so in Ohio, but was previously from a town one away from mine in Ct. As noted, it is a VIN match LX coded car. It was built in January per the Body Plate- good to know what the "Z" is.
  5. OK, finally received the info from the PoP for the '65 Riviera I purchased recently. The car is an LX code with a VIN match and has a BT tranny in it, indicating 1 of the 454 non-Gran Sport DQ Rivs. It does sport Grans Sport badging, however, which could obviously have been added. So, here's what's on the plate: X247 494475H9xxxxx T377 FB 85917 TT628 Z C60 A31 K30 U64 From what I gather: X=LX engine code, 247=date code T=BT trans (non-GS), 377=date code TT=Champagne Mist 628= Custom Black Vinyl interior Z= ????? C60=A/C A31=Power Windows K30=Cruise Control U64 (probably U69?)= Am-FM Radio with power antenna FB= Flint 85917= Fisher Body Number So, I think I have most of that correct and it would appear the car is a LX car with GS emblems added after birth. I was thinking the A8 or A9 code would have been on the plate definitively answering whether the car is a LX Riv or an LX GS? Any help or corrections to the above would be most appreciated! Thanks, Ken
  6. If you plan to tackle the job, I have a matched ring and pinion out of my '96 Impala SS (long ago sold) that I swapped 3.42's into when the car had about 30k miles on it. If not, I would agree a total swap would make sense as the easiest way to go. A couple of hours and you're done. There was a guy in New Hampshire, I believe, who sold 90's B-bodies and parts, mostly 9c1 and wagons. I couldn't find him on a quick search, but if I find a link I'll add it. Good luck!
  7. Asking $11,500 https://www.hagerty.com/valuationtools/HVT/VehicleSearch/Report?vbe=6229 http://www.nadaguides.com/Classic-Cars/1963/Buick/Electra-225/2-Door-Convertible/Values Mags are borrowed from my Riviera. Mags were not available in '63. Car comes with original hubcaps as shown in picture below. PM me if interested. Thanks.
  8. Here's some pics of the floor when I pulled the rug out. Not terrible, like I said. The rug I put in is the right color and is a pile rather than loop in the correct color. Also replaced the fuel pump and water pump. I wanted to just be able to drive it without any worries. I can get some pictures of the underside Monday as I store it inside where I work.
  9. I have a '63 convertible I'm considering selling. Runs and drives great. Top is like new and operates perfect. Interior is fine, no tears or dash cracks, etc. I changed out the rug when I first got it and noticed some rust through in the floors. I bought replacement pans and rockers, but I had no urgent plan to install them. Also had the radiator recored, did the front brakes, and have the parts for rears. I sent out the carb to be rebuilt as even though the car ran fine, I wanted to make sure the accelerator pump was as E85 proof as possible. It has a 20 foot paint job and looks good enough to get plenty of thumbs up. It's an older repaint of the factory color. It's a fun car and I'm only thinking of selling it to make room for another car I'm in the process of purchasing. It's a driver to just go in or a project if you want to detail the engine compartment, redo the floors and strip/paint it. Picture attached. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks!
  10. Looks like the original color was Tyler Blue. Does one code mean top and bottom were all code 59?
  11. Yep, a Special. Interesting to learn about Fenders vs. Quarters on the two models. Thanks.
  12. Thanks, Al It seems a few owners back someone liked the shade it's painted. I'm anxious to find out what the data plate says. I'll post when I know.
  13. I'm trying to determine if the color of this Special is factory, or non-factory. I bought it from a friend, but forgot to take a picture of the trim tag (doh!). I haven't picked it up yet and it's 2 hours away. From what I can see from the color chart, it seems like maybe Ridge Green? At least that might look closest. http://forums.aaca.org/attachments/f115/218077d1381509908-1953-buick-skylark-paint-interior-color-gm_1953_buick_ppg_76x-p1.jpg