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    The people who did the disc brake conversion on my special used 14" 4 lugs wheels they said were Buick. Later was told they were from a mustang, had to ream out the center hub a little though to get them to fit.
  2. Good parts are sure hard to find for the baby buicks. Aluminum v-8.com specializes in 215 v-8's and probably some of the parts interchange. Egge (in california) has pistons. Shouldn't be hard to find motor mounts through Kanter if not Napa, Northwestern Auto parts, etc. The killer is finding good chrome and trim parts. I've looked for a nice instrument cluster with unscratched aluminum face for almost 15 yrs. At least the bumpers, guards, grill are the same through the models. Good luck! Rick
  3. Oops, meant 55" long for link wire. It's clear/ white with a black and possibly orange tracer. Rick
  4. Thank you Willis, Upon further exploration, my fuse link wire is about 55' long and tied into the yellow wire going to coil and joined w a black wire in the middle of the harness. They both go to ign. switch. Yellow goes to ign #1 and continues to instrument cluster panel connector (dash lights) and black wire to ign. #2. I cut the fuse link wire and it is at least one size smaller than 18 ga. yellow or black wire. Also noticed the wiring diagram says 1.85 ohms. My wire gauge chart only tells me ohms per 1000 ft. (12 ga.=1.8 ohms). I am making a new harness and would like to re do this as orig as possible, but maybe a properly sized new short wire could be installed in a more easily accessible location. Thanks, Rick
  5. I'm replacing the fusible link in a 62 special, tied into the 18 ga. wire from coil to ign. switch. Manual calls for "1.85" but what does that mean? My research came up with using a link wire 4 sizes smaller than the connecting wire. This info came from a mopar site, and they said a 22 ga. chrys wire was white which mine is and it's also important to have it the same length as original, which prevents using a parts store short wire. Anyone have experience with this and could point me in the right direction. Thanks, Rick
  6. At first, having your toes nibbled sounded pretty sexy, but not if they keep keep on going up past the arm pits
  7. What sort of attire is the norm at the Sat night banquet? Sport coats? Jeans? Thx. Rick
  8. Looking for nos (holy grail) or excellent/ mint condition tail light housing. Mainly need passenger side. Not interested in pitted ones as i have plenty of those. Thanks, Rick
  9. Pete, i just saw this last night. If you still want the complete setup, let me know, i found my spare. Rick
  10. Still need a windshield for my '62 special deluxe conv. Good condition, with no cracks, scratches. Tinted preferable. Coupe does not fit. Maybe 62 Olds F-85 thanks, Rick
  11. Does anyone know the path the rubber vapor return line from carb goes from engine compartment on the way to the tank? ^2 special/ skylark with A/C or a stationwagon has this. Thanks, Rick
  12. Steve, A Door from a 2 door hardtop also fits. The window, vent window and frames are different. The skin behind the rear wheels isn't too hard to form, but if the rust has eaten into the uni-body, you might want to look for a donor quarter panel from the door dog leg back. Mine was eaten up in front of the wheels where the conv top channel drains down below quarter windows. Good luck, Rick
  13. Wow is right, and about 1/3 the cost of what i'll have in mine when it's finished. (but then you'd miss the journey) Rick
  14. Pete, I might have one from my daughter's skylark. Probably take a few days to search through the cr*p in storage. Thank you letter on the way for the fuel filter! Rick