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  1. Anyone interested in the 1963 Sport Coupe, this summer I rebuilt carb, had tranny pulled and seals replaced, PA state inspection, new tires, battery. Going to have generator rebuilt this week. It is very good condition, professionally repainted in 1989. Only has 18350 original miles. Been in storage for 20 and it's about to go back into that dark cave. Will provide more info on request. There are pictures posted here somewhere, probably back in early summer. Appraisal then was $11,000. Will take much less to move it now. Vern Adams 412-551-6524 Location is Western PA
  2. Would anyone with interest in this please private message me. I have a 1963 Olds 98, 2 door sport coupe, 394 High Compression Starfire, bucket seats, floor shift, sitting in storage. "Good" condition. Has not been driven in 20 years but has been in clean dry storage and started up every year. It is an "older" restoration (20 years ago paint). Have good PA title. Within the next 2 weeks, I plan to take it to a garage to have brakes, hoses, tires replaced. Then it will probably go to Manheim Auction. Comments? Advice? I do have a certified appraisal ($11,000) and just checked Manheim Go
  3. I have a 1963 Oldsmobile that must be sold to settle an estate. It's posted on buy/sell if you're interested. I had to get a certified appraisal as a basis for paying estate tax. I am about to advertise it in Hemmings and Antique Auto Trader. Someone suggested I consign it to an auction company. Someone suggested I advertise it for 10-15% above appraised "market value". I just need to get it moved and justify the sales price to all involved fammily members. Do you think certified appraisal is valid in todays market?
  4. I just got a written appraisal from a certified appraiser as verified by the Certified Appraisers Guild of America. Now offering for sale to settle estate, Year 1963 Make: Oldsmobile Model: 98 2 door hardtop Price: $12,500 Description: Totally original with 18,324 miles, clean PA title, automatic transmission, bucket seats, console, floor shift, air conditioning, AM/FM radio, power seats, power antenna, 394 Starfire Ultra High Compression V-8. Location: (Kittanning, Pennsylvania) Contact: Vern Adams, Executor, vgadams@aol.com Cellular # 412-551-6524
  5. My second attempt to attach picture here.
  6. Now that the ice is broken you guys are being much more helpful. I see your point and I hereby publicly apologize to Jake. You're right. I am not a member of AACA, I'm just here to sell a car and will probably never participate in the forum after it is sold. I DO need any help I can get, and all help is appreciated. I have pictures on my desktop but haven't even figured out how to import them. But pictures sometimes are misleading too. My dad bought the car when he was 73 years old. That was April 1989. It had 17582 miles on it when he bought. Today it has 18324 miles. It has been ga
  7. I have $500, do I hear $750? I'm getting an appraisal and as soon as I have that I will post a firm price and/or will advertise in Hemmings. It will never be on ebay. Location is still 50 miles North East of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. 7 miles from the nearest little town in a storage building with no windows. Oh, and my brother has a key but I don't. But I have the title and I am executor of the estate. My name is V.G.A. and I am a newbie.
  8. I can be more specific if it matters to anyone. FUJ. Olds is about 50 miles North East of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. My direct email address is vgadams@aol.com I can send pictures. V.G.Adams is my true name. But I still don't want prank phone calls.
  9. I've got $250, do I hear $275? Is everyone here as nasty to newbies as "Jake"? "vgadams" is the contact name. I am a first time user but I think a serious buyer would only have to click on private reply to contact me. I could post GPS coordinates but the car is locked inside a garage with no windows. You won't find it unless I care to arrange an appointment. Photos are available upon request. I don't have time to take phone calls from people that just want to rattle my chain.
  10. Need highest cash offer by April 15, 2009 to settle estate. A 1963 Olds 98 two door hardtop. 394 High Performance, AT, Air, AM-FM, cruise, 18,600 miles, have PA title, teal bottom, white roof, very nice condition overall. Located in Western Pennsylvania.
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