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  1. I just want Rob's garage!!!!!
  2. Great little video! I'll be there but I'm "brinin" the 53 Special. We'll see how well she does driving from New Mexico. We'll also be brinin the trumpet and the bottle of Jack!!! Should be a great road trip.
  3. Pete, I think I have one. But every thing is in storage till we sell the house in Angel Fire and find a place around San Antonio. I might have a lead on one in Santa Fe, I'll let you know.
  4. Sharon and I would like to say, that if we were in our new home in Bulverde that has about an acre and a half we would gladly open it up to any BCA member or for that fact any family in the fire zone to bring their Buicks, tents, motorhomes to stay. But unfortunally we do not close until the middle of October. Hopefully the rains will kick in before then, if not it will still be open.
  5. Derek, That's a great idea! Would you have any photos of it? How deep did they install it? through the foundation? etc. Jack
  6. what about the 53in the background?
  7. OK guys and girls, Lets keep this site alive. I'm going to have to build a new garage at some point when we move to Texas, so I would really like to see some more photos or plans ( ideas of your dream garage). We are leaving about 4,000 feet of garages with a lift, and maybe going down to approx. 1,000 - 1,200 max. ( TIME TO DOWN SIZE). Jack PS remember I have to keep the wife happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I'm thinking those front and rear bumpers could be 49 also ? What do you'al think. Jack
  9. I like the hub cap treatment. Looks like he keeps it cool with that large industrial fan. I had something similar that I did with New Mexico licence plates around the perimeter of the show garage in Santa Fe. Guess I'll have to start collecting Texas plates now. Jack
  10. Thanks for all the input guys. We've got a offer in on a place that's east of 281 and north of the loop, and the lot is actually fairly flat. about an acre and a half. If we get it and get settled in I'll take you up on that cold one Mike. Jack
  11. Barney, Somebody told me that you have to keep the limestone foundations moist our they might have a tendacy to crack or break, true or not? Jack
  12. The garage site is really cool! Thanks, Jack
  13. I've been to a couple of your reginal meets in Fredericksburg and Granbury, I'll contact you'al as soon as we get settled. Jack
  14. My wife and I have just sold our two houses in New Mexico and our moving to the hill country above San Antonio. (I know I know its' hot down there but at least my skin wont be dry.) Sad thing is I'm leaving four thousand sq. feet of garages plus a lift. Has any body had experience or dealings with anybody in building garages in this area? Would like to create something like the carraige house look to hold possibly five to six cars plus the lift. Jack
  15. As far as I know they didn't print a manual for the 53 straight eight Special. You have to get one for the 52 Special. Anybody, correct me if I'm wrong. Jack
  16. Cobravii, I did some repainting on my 62 Skylark and a 70 Riv. and we prep with a very fine grit sandpaper like 140 very lightly then cleaned the surface with DuPont Prep-Sol Solvent #3919s. Then painted with DuPont Vinyl Color. then you can pick the sealer you want low gloss, medium, or high. Over all results were really nice. Jack
  17. Ben, Not sure, but I will get it running and check it tomorrow. Right now I've got it on the lift and got the steering wheel half way off and trying to find someone that has a puller. Will let you know about the pressure. Jack
  18. Willie, It's the straight eight. I know there is a filter on the other side of the block for the crankcase. But not sure if there is some sort of filter to stop so much oil from blowing out that pipe, and I have not over filled it with oil. Jack
  19. Hello all, Question, I understand there is some sort of filter that goes in the crankcase vent pipe. I've installed the pipe but I'm blowing oil all over the under carriage. Can anyone tell me what it looks like or where one might purchase one ? Thanks in advance Jack
  20. Sid, Found him, He goes under the name of "oscotto" he has a window regulator on Ebay right now, item no. 140523127851. Bet you a dollar he's got what you need Jack
  21. Sid, There is a fella in southern Calif. that all he parts is 70 Riv's. I've bought several pieces from him in the past. Great to deal with. He is always listing on Ebay. I'll try and find him in my old records. He is some where around the Pomona area. Jack
  22. Does anyone know where you can get rotors, disks, etc. for a 70 Riviera. Have a fella that wants to buy my Riv. but is nervous about rebuilding WHEN it does need brakes. Thanks in advance Jack
  23. Thanks everyone, I did find one! Jack
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