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  1. Thanks and a lift of the lynch lid folks, but I think he's looking to specific mods he'll have to make on this plan, ie "If installing a slant 6, 383, 340, flat head six, what compatible motor mounts would work, or need to be fabbed" or "Distance from radiator to fan" I'm hip that it'll likely take the knowledge of someone who's done it and that's just whom he's hoping to find, I think. With this idiom in mind, when I did a motor swap in my '81 Ford Econoline van (what a nightmare THAT was) I noted ALL steps in removing that old 300 six and installing the new one, just in case someone else out in cyber land needed a tutorial. Perhaps I'm just funny (smelling) that way.
  2. Howdy All, Posting for my best friend, he's got a rather beat 1939 Plymouth Deluxe Six, siezed motor and trans, rather thrashed interior, but he's got the detirmination of the mouse flipping off the eagle (if you've seen that poster). He's measured the frame width and it appears to be 33 3/16 inches where he'd put the motor mounts. Has anyone on this board seen or heard of this being done? any insights would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and a lift of the lynch lid for any help on this. two inch
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