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  1. THANK YOU for the info!I will try this as soon as I can. I will use my internet and personal resources to figure out to do, but this part is likely a dealer only item, so I'll hit the dealer for a copy of the replacement instructions too.
  2. Hello again. I have two virtually identical 1998 rivies, both with over 120,000 miles. They both run rough at idle and 'knock' from the top of engine (e.g. Super charger, OHC, Valves, etc.) . Both cars are tuned, new belts, new pullies, one has new alternator & water pump while the the other a new A/C compressor. The supercharger oil level is perfect. I've had a good non-rivy specialist check out the superchargers for bearing noise and that is his best 'guess' - but I am not so sure because the knocking coincides with rough idle (much like the car is skipping or experiencing mild pre-ignition detonation).
  3. Greetings to all. I have two 1998 Rivys and they both had their keyless entry zappers die at about the same time. One Rivy came right back with new battery and reset insructions in manual. Other one will not reset. For this 2nd car I got a copy of the full programming instructions and the OBD pinouts needed but the car will not enter the 'programming' mode (e.g. door locks cycle) when the two pinouts from instructions are connected and ignition key in proper condition. Kicker to me is that the one I fixed is my wife's car that my kid is using ... the one that I can't fix is MINE! It is possible, very possible, that my rivvy's 'zapper' is not the one that come with it from the factory as I bought this car used and the zapper is in virtually new condition; where as my wife's zapper that came with the brand new car shows much wear & tear.