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  1. TTT After this weekend the car should be heading to the scraper. Anyone else need anything?
  2. I emailed you earlier today off the other forum, so let me know if you are interested!
  3. Don, Im sorry but the pump broke off the master cylinder in the accident.
  4. Mystic, i do have the chrome grill trim if you are interested.
  5. Also forgot three of the wheels too, and the spare tire as well.
  6. All door glass, cruise control, 8v shortblock, hardtop w/ opera windows, the doors, soft top tonneau, almost new gas tank (less then 500 miles on it), all engine accessories, and misc SS as well as wood trim pieces and elec. switches are still available. Everything must go, and can be had for VERY cheap!!
  7. If anyone needs opera windows or a complete working pull down mechanism i have both.
  8. Does anyone have any hints or help on getting these damn sensors off the calipers without breaking them?!?!
  9. Figured i would see if i can get some interest in the hard top that came off my car, if not i will probably part the hard top out as well and send it off to the crusher. Im located in Wilmington, NC.
  10. WOW, so i guess the economy has ebay trying to monopolize their online sales. That's pretty low.
  11. Oh no, im sorry to hear...my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family car chick. RIP.
  12. TTT...Car is coming to our apartment complex tomorrow, and im not going to have much time to yank everything off of it..then she is off the the crusher if you need ANYTHING speak now or forever hold your peace before she goes to rest forever.
  13. Im so sorry, again Lou. Im just about done getting all my crap together...tomorrow morning im going to get the TC ready to move to its new home so I can go ahead and get it parted out and...TC FANATICS DONT READ!! ...sent to the crusher
  14. Im in the process of moving right now, the pull down mechanism does work...in fact im not sure how the hell im going to pull the soft top off since i already disconnected almost the whole harness. I will pm you and we can talk prices..
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