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  1. Checking the coil is a good idea, don't ask how I know this. My 1950 Chev truck had a hard time starting when hot, and it was weak spark. My starter needed new brushes, and was drawing too much current. The brushes were oil soaked. I replaced the coil as well, probably overkill, but I've put on seven thousand miles since. Also, when my car is really hot ('49 Pontiac), it likes to be cranked over for a few revolutions, then a bit of gas pedal, and she starts right up. I find that the gas really tends to percolate into the manifold, and floods it. I have also learned, that when I come o
  2. I've a '49. The shop manual says just what rick60 says. And that "oil filters are neither needed, nor desirable on Pontiac engines." My car has 58,000 original miles on it, and the engine had never even had the pan off. Last summer, I took the pan, and centrifugal cleaner out. There was one quart of sediment in it! But, the rest of the engine was pretty clean. I washed it out with kerosene, and put it back together. The sedimentor really does a good job. I always use non-detergent oil, to help things settle.
  3. I'm not sure that this is the same, but you might enjoy this clip, it was posted on the MTFCA Model T forum. Its a 1910 Model AA maxwell. Pretty neat.
  4. Ravensmiles, It would be worth the money for you to get a pontiac shop manual. It will describe in detail the operation, maintenance, and care of the engine. I see that maybe you have one now? I would be leery of any mechanic that says that the engine could be rebuilt for $500, I could see the number closer to $5000. I don't have my shop manual in front of me, but it seems to me that at least the camshaft bearings have to be line bored after being put in the block. If your engine has compression, it will more than likely run. They are sort of bomb proof. If you can get it running, I wo
  5. Oil filtration! There is no filter. The engine has a sedimentor in it though. Mu engine has 56,000 original miles on it when I cleaned the oil pan, and there was a full quart of sediment. But, everything else was clean. Just use non detergent oil, so everything can fall out of the oil, and you will be fine.
  6. Wow charles, I just looked at your pictures. What a great set of '48's you have. Amazing!
  7. Did you try california pontiac restoration? You can find them with a google search.
  8. I actually just received a Canadian Shop Manual for my car, hooray! Tin Indian, I'd love to see your car! I'll PM you, maybe we can get together someday. Christopher
  9. Ahh, so that's what's up with my tail lights and steering wheel. So, is that the deal with the torque tube as well?
  10. Well, I'm new here, but my car isn't new. I've had the car for about two years now, but just found this place. (Thanks Stan from the HAMB) I live in Brentwood Bay, which is near Victoria, I'm excited to see from a quick search here, that there is at least one other person from the area. I've always been interested in old cars, but had never owned anything this old. I saw it for sale, and just had to have it. I own it, and a '50 Chev One Ton. Both are stock, down to the mighty 6 volt batteries, though neither have been restored really. They are both kinda rough, but I drive them every
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