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  1. I noticed many of the Roadmasters and Limiteds have spoke rims. Is this a factory option? are they correct for shows?
  2. Might be fun to get as many as we can out to Cleveland for the 2020 show.
  3. The yellow and black roadmaster from Florida that I came across was not originally yellow and black. As I recall it was polar mist with red interior originally.
  4. DEI, It might just be time for you to brush the dust off and get to building yours...smile.....
  5. John, That Certainly Makes sense that the Roadmasters became donor cars for the Limiteds, thus they disappeared.
  6. John S Said Here are pictures of the other two 1958 Buick Roadmaster convertibles I mentioned---just to document them for others' reference. I've seen the purple one in person, but not the yellow one: Someone tried to sell me the yellow one, but it was a scam. I heard this car went to Sweden but the scammer is trying to sell it from Poland...BEWARE THE YELLOW ONE !!
  7. The one I found is Silver Mist with Red Leather interior. I will get some pictures up.
  8. Greetings, I have been in love with the 58 Buicks for years and years. I have recently stumbled into a 58 Roadmaster Convertible and am wondering if there is a registry that I may look up how rare/how many actually survived these last 60 years. Thanks
  9. Greetings All, My name is Marty and am from Michigan. I have been collecting cars for quite a few years now. My very first car was a 1958 Buick Special 4dr. Nothing fancy and the limey yellow color was, lets just say, very noticeable in a parking lot...... My second car was a Mustang. Thus my collection is mostly Buicks and Mustangs. I have been crazy lucky over the years in finding rare cars at incredibly low prices. I know we have all heard the "well there I was in this old barn" type of stories, and some of them are probably mine !! For example, I was in Columbus Ohio area with some
  10. I ran across one of these cars. It is a white convertible with stripes etc but cannot find any information on these cars. I am wondering if they are rare and how can it be verified as real?
  11. This is both my girls in one on my most favorite pics!!! Hope you enjoy !!
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