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  1. Yes it had a golf bag door. If you look at the pictures one of them has the door laying among the other parts. I don't recall if it had cowl vents. I was 13 when we bought the car from a shirt tail relative who found it in Wisconsin some years earlier. My father let me dissassemble the car in order to begin a restoration. The car had received a very poor restoration previously. We never went beyond disassembly and eventually traded the car for some excavation work. I may still have the radiator emblem somewhere. My wife will not even consider letting me drag this one back home!
  2. This yellow and black coupe was owned by my father in the mid to late seventies. When I saw the photos I couldn't believe my eyes. I can add to the the provenance if anyone is interested. The car had a seized motor, missing carburator, missing interior, and two of six steel wheels were non Peerless when we owned it. I am positive this is the same car because I know the prior owners who live in Lynwood, IL. I always wondered where it ended up. I'll try to post a picture of it before it was disassembled.
  3. I may be interested in one of those head gaskets for my 1926 6-72. How much are you looking for ? Scot
  4. I have an interesting Peerless fact to add. Two cars were used by the gunmen at the St.Valentine's Day massacre orchestrated in 1929 by Al Capone in Chicago. Teams of two hitmen each arrived in two cars to do their business. One car was a 1927 Cadillac. The other....a 1926 Peerless sedan. According to reports at the time the cars had been outfitted to look like detective cars. Both cars were later found partially destroyed in order to cover the crime. A picture of the Peerless can be found at by clicking on "The Massacre Pt.2"
  5. Devon, I just measured the vacuum tank on my 1926 6-72 and it is 4 1/2" in diameter and 10 1/2" tall. The tank has Stewart written in script on the top. Also, the radiator cap is different than yours. It is an eagles head. My daughter is on a trip with my camera this week. When she returns I'll snap some pictures and send them to you. Scot O (My radiator cap is the same as the one on Philippe Mordant's 6-72. There are pictures on the forum.)
  6. Jeff, I would like to get a copy of the Sales Manual and Operators Instruction book if possible. How can I arrange this? Scot Olthof
  7. So now that I have purchased this Peerless, and you seem to know a lot about the Peerless make, can you help me with the following; 1) What is the weight of this car? I need to trailer it home. 2) What is the wheelbase length and width? Again, for trailering. Thanks!
  8. Can anyone tell me the value of a 1926 Peerless 6-72 in fair condition? It's currently listed on Ebay but I have only a vague idea of it's value. Any help is appreciated.