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  1. I will miss that car. One of the nicest I have owned. Take good care of it & when you are ready to move on to something else you will get a good return on your investment. :)
  2. Guess I'm getting old & senile. Didn't remember putting brake fluid in it but checked this morning & it was definitely overfull. Siphoned out the overfill then pumped the brakes 25 times & siphoned out even more brake fluid. I remember looking at the master cylinder a couple of weeks ago & thinking I would have to put fluid in it but don't remember doing it but evidently I did. And they say these are the Golden Years, can't see good-can't hear good-can't remember very good. Dang wish I was 25 again. At any rate Thanks Ronnie & Kingglory much appreciated. Think I am g
  3. Ronnie- I read that post but I have owned the car for 8 months & never put any brake fluid in it. Referring to the pic posted above it looks as though it is leaking either from the black ball #20 or maybe from #8 line & dripping down on the middle section of #16. Has anyone experienced this type of leak? Kingglory linkie no workie & Thank you for the pic definitely helped. Didn't have much time to check this out today but will clean it up tomorrow & see if I can pinpoint the leak.
  4. 1989 Reatta. Discovered a spot on the garage (Brake Fluid) floor today. Found leak which looks to be coming from around the black ball (or surrounding area). No brake lights on in car. checked the forum for info but nothing that relates directly to no lights on but have a leak. Anyone have any ideas as to what/where the leak is.
  5. I have a blue/blue with 91XXX original but haven't decided if I want to sell yet or not. PM me your email & I will send pics & we can go from there. I am located in Ohio about 2 hrs from Pittsburgh.
  6. thanks for all the responses. I will check all the info given & let ya know what I find out.
  7. Refirg level is full-cleared all codes & disconnected neg battery after clearing all codes. I'm thinking low pressure switch as stated by Mc Reatta. Any other input that may help. Thanks
  8. I have searched the forum & cannot find an answer to my ?. Car is an 89 Reatta. My ac compressor was kicking off & on and computer screen stated refrigerant is low. Take it over to the local shop he fills it up. Same problem still kicking on & off same notification on screen (low refrigerant). Anyone have any idea as to what may be causing this. Thanks.
  9. I don't know. So far replaced the cam sensor. Was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else as I have noticed reading the forums that a lot of EO41 codes and engine has an electricial problem notifications seem to go together but no verification that both were corrected by just fixing the EO41 code. Thanks for the advice on the FSM. I will download it.
  10. Thanks Ronnie. Still am wanting to know if the wire for the cam sensor is broke would you still get the EO41 code & the engine has an electrical problem notification. Will be checking the magnet in the next couple of days and will report back as to findings.
  11. Service engine soon light is working and is on constantly.
  12. What if the wire for the cam sensor is broken would the EO41 code still come up along with the engine has an electricial problem notification?
  13. Acquired my first Reatta (1989 w/90K) this week & have some questions. I have read numerous forum pages to get familar with these cars but I have the EO41 code & the engine has an electricial problem notification which seems to be a common problem with Reatta's from what I have read. Both of these problems were fixed by the Dealer I purchased car from but have resurfaced. I talked with the mechanic that did the repairs & was told that the cam sensor was replaced & that the crankshaft wire was bad which was replaced. I also replaced the cam sensor before speaking with the me
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