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  1. I have a new TCM for 90 TC, I purchased it from Valley Vintage Auto Parts, Genuine Chrysler P/N 4557120 for a A604 Automatic Transmission. I'm not sure what else it will fit, but Chrysler can tell you. I ended up not needing it. I also have a used working top pull down motor (motor only). I will take $50.00 for both of them and I will pay shipping. Email me @ carlcleveland@sbcglobal.net Thanks, Clayton:)
  2. :confused:FOR SALE: '90 Chrysler TCM, computer for automatic transmission. This is NEW, I purchased it and did not need it. I posted this on July 31, 2009 and I could not edit it so I'm posting it again. I will now take $65.00 for it and I will include a working Top Pull Down (motor only) with it. I will still pay the shipping. Contact me @ 918-630-1040 or e-mail me @ carlcleveland@sbcglobal.net if you are interested, Thanks, Clayton C.
  3. :)For Sale, TCM, I purchased this module from "Valley Vintage Auto Parts" as to be new, it's a genuine Mopar part, P/N 4557120, said to never been used, they supposely went around and bought up a lot of older Mopar parts from dealers. I ended up not needing it, so it's up for sale. I will take $75.00 for it and I will pay the shipping. By the way, I sold my yellow '90 TC. Phone: 918-630-1040, or Email me @ carlcleveland@sbcglobal.net Regards, Clayton C.
  4. :confused:I'm having car transported about 700 miles, wondering if it would be safe to transport it without top pull down not installed, by just using front windshield latches and 2 side latches. having a pull down rebuilt and it may not be here before I ship car. Thanks for any help. Clayton
  5. Hi camc61; The fuses are located under the hood on the right front just forward of the engine motor mount. They are in a black box about 2" x 2" x 4" long with a wire bail to hold cover on. Good luck, I hope it's not your ABS motor. Clayton
  6. :)Hey Gene; My TC is for sale, I live in Springdale,Arkansas. May be more than you want to spend, but it is a nice one. Look at "Picture of my TC" in the forums. Thanks, Clayton
  7. I put my TC on ebay today to see how it goes, I personally think this is a very nice car. Regards, Clayton
  8. Lou; Are you talking about the housing that the motor mounts to or something else. My plastic motor housing is bad bad shape. Clayton
  9. Hello Bob; I took my top off so I could see what my soft top looked like, to my surprise it looks almost new. I've made up & down adjustments, moved pins in & out, I thought I had it fixed, but while riding around yesterday, it poped loosed again. I can't really see anything that looks worn, but of course I'm no expert. Lou; The guy from ebay was in China is why I hadn't heard from him about the pull down motor. He said he would get back to me next week, so maybe I'll find out something then. Regards, Clayton
  10. My soft top keeps poping loose at right rear corner, I.ve tried several things but nothing seems to help, could be I don't know what I am doing. Do I need to take it to a top shop? Thanks, Clayton
  11. Hi Lou, I ask one of the sellers on ebay if he thought one of the cadillac motor assemblies would work on my Tc, he said he had one of the TC pull downs, said it looked real good, but needed to be checked out to make sure everthing was ok, but I have not heard back from him, when I do I will let you know. Regards, Clayton
  12. Hey, Michael, did you get my e-mail I sent you a few weeks ago about my yellow 90 TC? I'm Clayton Cleveland, carlcleveland@sbcglobal.net, 3120 Magnolia Pl., Springdale, Arkansas, 72762 Regards, Clayton
  13. Hello Lou, I locked it down manually today and I also found a TC pull down on ebay today for $50. Also today was a good day, I got my rebuilt transmission working great, also my ABS brakes are working great with my rebuilt ABS system and added fuse & relay wiring back to the car. Glad you sold your car, mine is really close to being ready to sell. Thanks for all of your help. Regards, Clayton
  14. I've checked today, my motor seems to be ok, but my housing is in bad shape, I know where to get one of those. I worked today for about an hour and a half trying to get my soft top locked down, must be out of sequence or something, I can only get my switch to work when I push the bottom of switch, top of switch never does work, reversing relay may be bad. I'm going to try again tomorrow. Later, Clayton
  15. I,ve seen on the forums that a '90's model Cadillac Fleetwood assembly will work? My motor has a 5-pin connector, There are two relays at my motor, is this common. All I've seen on Ebay have 2 to 4 wire connectors. Can I just changed my switch on my motor and use one of those. A lot of those on Ebay look like my motor ass'y. except for connector. Thanks for any help. Clayton
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