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  1. Thanks for the reply. Does someone have a color that is a pretty close match to the saddle color used on the 'hard parts' in the interior? Eastwood maybe?
  2. Cadi kid, any chance you have parts still? I might be interested in a couple of things. I might be interested in a couple of items and I'm local, SCV. Thanks, Dan
  3. I am needing to refresh my center console and have a couple of questions that I didn't see discussed in any recent threads. I have a 64 Riviera with the deluxe interior in saddle color. The color is wearing through in a couple of spots on my center console. It looks like the color is injected during the mold process or is it painted on? Has anyone redone their console and can you offer any insight? Is there a color code or does someone make a paint that is close? Thanks for sharing your expertise.
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    Thank you both for the information. Looks like I will do the multi wheel display at the small local shows.
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    I have a concours judging question regarding wheels and wheel covers that I have not found an answer for. Any thoughts or "official ruling" on the question are welcome. I have done this idea at a number of smaller local shows with good feedback from the general public but have yet to pull it off at a concours, as I'm not sure how it would be scored and every point i valuable in that enviroment. I have a feeling this could apply to any number of vehicles on display. I have a 64 Buick Riviera and there were a couple of different wheel options that year, the wire wheel covers, Standard wheel covers and the chrome rally wheels. When I have the wire wheels on the car it has a "classy" look to it and when I have the chrome rally wheels on the car it has more of a 'sporty' look to it. So here's my question: If I place the wire wheel covers on the drivers side of the car and the rally wheels on the passenger side of the car, will I lose points for not having matching wheels on the car? Like I mentioned at the start, I have done this at a few local shows and asked people what look they liked better. I always initiated great conversation, was something slightly different and definitely divided the sexes. The women liked the wire side and the guys liked the rally side. Plus I hate having a nice set of wheels just sitting in the garage all season. Got em, let's enjoy em.
  6. Here's a few of our 64. We were honored to have it recently featured in the Feb issue of Automobile Magazine.
  7. I scanned the past topics and saw 1 regarding a 65 GS parcel Tray so maybe the years vary? I need to recover my rear window package tray and not sure what the factory material was? Matching vinyl? Painted Cradboard? Can someone shed some light on what I need and maybe who would carry it? Thanks, Dan