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  1. Hey Neil Picked these up today. Hope one pair is correct. Lemme know please. Thanx!
  2. I think that 1940 dash panel & garnish(window surrounds) moulding original wood graining was a 3M film process applied to the metal surfaces called Dinoc?(sp?). Repair with that material is discussed in a Buick factory instruction explanation.
  3. Closely inspect the roof posts on either side of the rear window. It is a sneaky spot where Ive seen more than one rust, as I dont think Buick thought to coat the metal at all, (bare metal)! I saved a nice piece cut from a 55 Century b4 it left this world after I discovered this area of potential rust. I believe its passenger side. If you find you need it contact and Ill send it if you pay shipping. Im watching closely your excellent job of documenting the disassembly of your 55 Century. Bravo young man! Its a veritable memory substitute, especially for us at 170 yrs old! Abuse that youthful energy, then you can talk smack like me about how tired I am now becuz I did that as a young man. Now, what were we talkin bout?
  4. Greg R. Johnson. PO Box 207 Champlin, Mn 55316
  5. I can photo a single soon and include some measurements. Got tied up putting complete brakes on my Tundra pickup. Only 210,000 miles. Nothin lasts anymore, dang!
  6. Need a serviceable crankshaft pulley for 322" Nailhead V8 1954-56 for two belts or the diecast spacer to make a dble from two single pulleys which I have. Please pm photo and price. If grooves are caked with rust it's unrestoreable, please don't offer it. I already received one of those. Thanx!
  7. 1939 is cable shift, no interchange. 1941 has different case to accommodate mount change. Other years "fit" but aren't the "same"/correct.
  8. Trailing arms aren't used to jack up the car they will bend! Lots going on at that area on a 1939 Buick that's one year only. Alignment and rubber vibration parts in good shape are critical to smooth operation. The factory shop manual outlines the alignment process. Good luck with the search and safety first!
  9. Cudos Matt! That is an excellent writeup and clear photo shoot! One explanation for turning off the headlights when using "fogs" is why they are yellow and lower at all. It would seem to defeat the purpose of the fog lighting to leave the bright reflective white headlights on when all they would do is reflect against the fog vapour in front of the car, serving to reduce visibility. Just a "swag"(scientific wild ass guess!) :-)
  10. Screws instead of rivets to hold data plate are factory for early 50's Buicks
  11. Hey Ben Parts available. Get in touch if needed. Greg J.
  12. I gained my perspective/wisdom from listening to Alvin Lee, Mick Jagger and the Moody Blues so Im most likely a certifyable? Clinical physchotic, no wait, physcologist! Yeah that!
  13. "Easy Resto" "I was going to use it myself, trust me!"
  14. Done and done. My brother who lives close by inquired about it a while back and was told "no way!" Dont like to pester folks and mess up future possibilities. Ive also sworn off rust, for obvious($), reasons. I love that particular make and model/body style, so, since I can resist anything but temptation, its best I steer clear and dont have my negative suspicions confirmed!
  15. Let me know what U think is reasonable. Thanx!
  16. Resides in Mapewood, MN. Too bad he didnt have inside storage in the years Ive been driving by watching curiously if they would do anything besides let it sit there in inclement MN weather and deteriorate. Looked pretty solid from driveby, for what is worth. We are about 12" above avg rainfall for this time of year already here.
  17. Datson 1600 or 2000 about 1968. Sorry didnt read carefully! Yeah Valiant wagon. Never seen such a "bright" two tone on a Valiant.
  18. I only know application for 1939 & newer as 1939 is my oldest frustration/joy( depending on the repair encountered!). For earliar application I would contact The Clutch Doctor in North Branch MN. Trevor is an incredably knowledgable source and has rebuilt clutches for folks with pre 39 Buicks I have referred to him. Ill look up his # to post again later.
  19. If you have to remove clutch I can recommend the one I installed. Available at most auto supply stores(OReillys for instance) 1995 Jeep gran Cherokee 6 cyl stick. Clutch disc and pressure plate kit just over $100.00. Nice pedal pressure and exact fit. Good luck!
  20. When I called a few months back they said on the phone" we are no longer making a duel exhaust conversion for 55 Buicks." PS, I asked why the add in the paper version of the Bugle doesnt reflect this change? No idea was the response!
  21. Valuable info! Nicely written. Thanx!
  22. Thanx again for excellent photo! Man, did not know how large the compressor is. I guess I'll hit my books and do some additional research on service bulletins, etc.
  23. Yes, and were the generators on 1958 Buick A/C cars higher charging amps units as delivered from the factory than the non-A/C cars?
  24. Thanx for reply! I also have that clutch fan assy, just not shown in photo. Mainly wanted to know about mounting brackets in photo. 1958 Buicks had generators, but, did Buick put a higher output generator on A/C jobs? Thanx 4 response in advance!
  25. Try calling Bobs Midwest Trans friendly expert started auto trans repair in his 20's Im 169 yrs old, he's more "experienced"! 1-320-982-6656 reparing older Buick transmissions(including mine) and parts. New and used.