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  1. The seat bottom frame changed quite a bit from 40 to 41. More wooden components in seat bottom for 1940. Somewhat heavier construction. They may interchange, but a 1941 Super convert really deserves a 1941 seat frame IMHO.
  2. Your car is a 70 series, hence there is a seven at the end of that engine number. Earlier years had the series # at the front of the string of #s. Ill look up starting eng numbers to find where the rest of that number ends up placing the year of production.
  3. You da man, man! Thanx 4 all yer efforts!
  4. Maybe a photo wakes the op! All side trim polished available except front fender. Pm if interested. Roadmaster only, unless of course, you want to ruffle feathers by putting it on anything you want!
  5. Thanx so much for posting that info! Im going to print it and insert in my 1956 service bulletin book.
  6. Thanx 4 all the info it had a stick flywheel and clutch and an adaptor to the old Ford tranny. It has a pilot bearing adapter, so I think it had a dyna originally? If 58 someone used a newer spin-on oil filter adaptor. I think the generator looks bigger cuz of the angle of photo. It has chrome valve covers, generator cover and bracket, which I also think looks like a cut down a/c bracket. Was hoping for some hop-up stuff inside, but the wayer that drain out of the oil pan kinda dashed my hopes of salvaging internals, specially when I had to pound up with a hammer to remove rusty distributor. Looks like the best thing is a 1173313 number on intake!
  7. Picked up a stuck nailhead engine. Was told its a 364", but no idea what year or model of Buick it originally came in. Took photos of numbers on carb, which doesnt have a start switch, so not Buick. Was in a 40 ford hot rod chassis, so no clues there. No exhaust manifolds. Here are photos of numbers. Any help appreciated!
  8. There are differences! Later engines like the 263" used 4 bolt carb bases. Those in takes are prone to cracking. I think it was assumed yours was a three bolt carb intake, which for some reason dont crack there like the 4 bolt carb intakes do. Buick changed to that intake shape I believe in 1939 and aside from switching to the 4bolt carb later years, the intakes are the same. You can switch to the less prone to crack 3 bolt if you also change the carb, however, those carbs were sized for the 248" not the 263". Matt's correct about easy 2 find and relatively inexpensive 3 bolt intakes, but, 4 bolts, not so much as they are harder to find in uncracked condition. The devils in the details! Very detailed, multiple photos help get the correct parts. Just sayin.
  9. Perhaps a step up transformer 6V to 12V, just to suppy 12V power to window circuit? Just one component. Carefull of heat created using old wiring! Hopefully not cost prohibitive!
  10. Bought what I thought was a pair of curved stainless rkr mouldings that attach to bottom of rubber rear fender gravel guard designed to connect main rkr trim to fender skirt trim 1941 Spec or Cent with factory fender skirts(or just cuz they look nice!) I need a right one to have a pair! Preferably trade my NOS left for your spare Rt/pass one. Pm if interested please.
  11. Generators do not charge at idle sufficient to replace battery power drained from the load the starter uses 6 or 8 volt. The Buick manual states it takes an average drive of 20 miles to replace charge in batt lost from starter draw. 6 volt alternator charging at idle might be a consideration. Grounds with clean connections sized to carry the highest load required by components is a consideration often overlooked. Hope this helps!
  12. Be carefull when you choose someone to engine turn. There are some out there doing them with alignment of the swirls vertically and horizontal. When they are done with correct alignment one can see an angular alignment, which is how the factory aligned them. Study samples carefully, prices range to above 1,000.oo correct or not. Make em prove their claims as they will claim theirs is correct cuz they are the expert. Buyer beware, you cant get your money back!
  13. My friend simply applied PL200 consruction adhesive. Smooth with putty knife. Holds tacks great, but doesnt have brittle, hard surface like epoxies. If too thick when "dry" use "cheese grater" type file to take it down.