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  1. meant to say 7 at the regulator.i cleaned all the connections and same problem.i will try running the wire like said and if no success i will leave the car and shell out some bucks to have it fixed
  2. hi ken can you post a close up picture of the visor from the middle of the window from underneath if possible.i bought one at a meet and before asking what it was for he said 1940 buick but it looks differant and is not medal.thanks
  3. took the car today to get an electrical check and was told all components are good.he did say that i had a voltage drop from the regulator to the battery and the readings were at the battery6 and the battery 7.he advised me to sandpaper all the connections.hopefully this will solve the problem.
  4. would anyone have a diagram for a 39 special showing the wires on the generator to the relay on the firewall?im having trouble with my charging system and the only wires i can remember possibly screwing up when i rewired the engine area are those three wires.maybe does not make a difference but i eliminated just about everything else. thanks
  5. the gauge was reading in the + when running.after i tryed to start it after the run it was barely cranking so i let it sit so i wouldn't kill the battery,but i bet if i put a jump on the battery she would have fired right up.the cables are tight and are heavy duty. i did notice however that the gauges were going side to side and not steady.again from looking at the generator tag it looks to be original.this car sat in a garage for twenty five years before i bought it 5 years ago and in that 5 years i put about 50 miles on it.i have two 70s pontiacs that i take out alot and im just getting around to getting the buick running right.i guess im using the process of elimination method with now blaming thr generator.thanks
  6. well put a new battery in and started right up,took for a 5 mile ride shut it off and guess what.had to wait about an hour and it started up.i have the original generator on this car.has anyone used a one wire alternator and if so is it a simple change? thanks
  7. hi tim all my gauges register also.all the motor wiring is new and everything is tight.i think i will remove the starter and clean and check what ever i can. i have a hemmings book so thanks for the offer.i have a feeling it is the battery,it is 4 years old so maybe its time for a new one.thanks joe
  8. everything is clean and tight.i didn;t mean to hijack this thread with my issue. i will try a friens 6 volt battery and go from there. thanks
  9. i jumped the wires as described and it did the same slow moan with out starting.fully charged battery.clean and new thick cables.i took the starter to two rebuilders and they said it was ok.i think i will send it out to be rebuilt.any places in the new england area that works on these old starters?when i turn it over it clicks then trys to spin then clicks and so on. thanks
  10. maybe i misunderstood but i put a jumper on the two terminals on the carburator and hit the pedal and nothing not even a click.i disconnected the wires that were on the carburator to run the jumper.was i suppose to leave those two wires on also?thanks
  11. hello i am having the same problem with my 39 buick special with a straight 8.my battery is full y charged and when i hit the starter pedal nothing.so from what i have been reading as far as using a switch to by pass,are you talking about the wires that are on the back of the carburator?
  12. there was one on rhode island craigslist a month ago.i tryed finding it but couldn't locate it.i know its no help now but there out there
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