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  1. If coil/ignition set up isn't found for a 1937 President, will a later coil and ignition set up work? Glenn Shull - g.shull@centurylink.net
  2. Wanted - Coil w/ignition cable for 37 President.
  3. I'm in need of a better replacement carburator for a 1927 Erskine. Any suggestions?
  4. I'm in need of one valve guide for 37 President 8. Glenn Shull
  5. I would like to confirm the engine color for a 1927 Erskine. Also, I need a Stromberg T-1 Carburetor on one that will work. ghs
  6. I need information on the Engine color for a 1927 Erskine. GHS
  7. Wanted: Engine parts for 1937 Studebaker President
  8. I am in need of engine parts for a 37 President 8
  9. I am restoring a 1937 Studebaker President #7115354. I have a parts car #7118129. I intend to make one out of the two. The later model 37 has an aluminum head. Which would be better the cast iron or aluminum? The transmission on one is a T85-1B (7/24/36) and has, I assume an overdrive that has the numbers R5-1 and an oval lable that is no longer readable but looks like a borg warner plate. The trans. from the parts car is a T85-1 (12/8/36) with a R1-1F Overdrive. If all of the above is serviceable, what would be the best to use? Glenn Shull
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