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  1. I just left Paul's shop. The car was removed yesterday and is with the new Ct owner. I also posted this on a GM Restorers site- the exact name escapes me right now. They insisted on a price so I put in $7,000. Wayne Carini said the car was worth $10-$15,000 all day long as the offers started coming in. The new owner was the first to inspect the car at the shop, came with cash ,and bought the car right on the spot after he heard that Wayne had stated the above figures. As a side note the engine was stuck but the prior owner had stated the anti-freeze was drained and the cylinders had a lubricant added before the storage in 1967. I bet it frees up knowing these tough engines. That's it.
  2. ^^^ I agree. It would have been a great buy at 4-5K but there's some serious money out there competing against us average Joes.
  3. ^^^ Sorry, It's not my place to say not being the buyer or seller.... More than anyone would think. And the money had changed hands- It's sold !
  4. Car sold yesterday. Calls came in from around the country and overseas. It's amazing how much interest and money an original solid untouched barn find can bring. Of course a beautiful Cadillac coupe helps.
  5. I don't have all the details but someone told me the car sold yesterday. I'll find out for sure Friday and advise.
  6. More: This is not rust on left rear upper cat walk. Paint is just down to the red primer.
  7. Here's some additional photos taken AM today. Interior & dash & headliner are all in excellent condition. Needs cleaning as far as I can tell. Again very solid complete Cadillac. The mileage at about 66,000 appears original. Won't last.
  8. Yes. 860 236-4556 is Steben Motors Auto body. Opens 8:00 AM to 5:pm EDT. I'll try to get some additional photos tomorrow if I'm in the area. If you look at the rear photo above, you can see the excellent body to trim/bumper alignment of this car. The front is the same way- Appears to never have been damaged with original paint, except for that older left 1/4 repair/paint.
  9. A Mr D. Fox and others are contacting me personally re this Cadillac. As noted above please contact the owner Paul Steben or his mechanic Paul Z with any questions. The car is located at 307 Park Rd, West Hartford, Ct. where it can be inspected. The phone number is 860 236-4556. Paul Steben is not asking a lot for this car and is open to offers.
  10. A friend in West Hartford Ct. just scored this great Cadillac after 50+ years of indoor storage. Great solid untouched Cadillac. He is not looking for a lot of money, he just wants it gone. Contact Paul Steben at 860 539-4686. No floor or body rot only minor surface rust. Even has the original dealer installed seat covers and a very nice interior.
  11. Paul is not looking for big bucks. Open to offers. He's not a car collector. That upper trunk area rust is from a leak in the garage where it was stored. It's only surface rust. The rest of the car is pretty much rust free. I'm told the floors are solid- It's a solid car. Great interior and even the dealer installed seat covers are on the seats. Nice interior! Nice factory paint except for the darker area shown on the left 1/4 panel. This is a nice original car.
  12. Just pulled from a garage in Hartford Ct after 50 years storage. Last driven in 1967. Unmolested 90% rust free Coupe. Original paint and everything else. Owner is now working to get it started and sevviced. It should clean up nice or make a easy Winter project. Contact Paul Steven @ 860 236-4556.
  13. My '51 Olds 88 was featured in the Dec '98 issue of Car Collector Magazine.
  14. Correct. The car was never listed again in 40+ years with the Franklin Club. I lived on Long Island when I sold it and never kept the buyers name. Thanks for your help. I have always wondered what became of my first restoration.
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