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  1. The Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Club is now accepting applications for the paid position of Newsletter Editor. Longtime editor and Cord Historian, Josh Malks, has passed away and we sorely miss him. If you are interested in this position or have questions, feel free to contact us at Bill Hummel ACD Club Board of Directors 830-431-0591
  2. Here is line art of my 1936 Cord 810 Cabriolet. Feel free to use it if you like.
  3. I just relocated to Boerne, TX near San Antonio. The house I just purchased comes with 11 acres and a big Horse Barn. The only kind of horses I am interest in, are under the hood. So I want to convert my horse barn to a car barn / party barn. I am not interested in putting in a big lift or a lot of mechanics tools such as media blasters etc. I feel that the only better than having these itmes is having buddies with them! I am trying to create a show barn. Does anyone out there have experience in doing this? I plan to make the barn air tight, and I am removing all of the stalls and corrals. I will pour new concrete and apply a nice finish. I think I will use a heavy chip hybrid polymer. This will last longer than epoxy and it has a lifetime guarantee. Since I will not be doing a lot of repairs in this barn, I am not worried about playing "Where's Waldo" if I drop a washer on the heavy chip floor. What I am looking for is feedback on what to put into the barn. Soda fountain, antique displays, memorabilia nooks, etc. I don't like reinventing the wheel. I know there's a number of guys on this site that have some pretty spectacular show barns. I am looking at the Ultimate Garage book for ideas too. Give me your thoughts! Bill (One-man Stimulus Package) Hummel
  4. I have a 1/2-Ton 2008 Suburban. How much tongue weight can I put on the hitch? I have an open trailer with a racing box in front. I have been driving my Cord up onto the trailer and watching for the Suburban to just start dipping from the weight. Is there a better way to do this? I try to keep the Suburban level with just a slight dip as I drive forward onto the trailer.
  5. We are currently creating Restoration Guidelines manuals for Auburn Cord and Duesenberg automobiles. If you are interesting in participating, please send me an email or reply here. Bill Hummel ACD Restoration Guidelines Committee
  6. <span style="font-family: 'Arial'">Greetings fellow AACA Members! We have just launched on Feb. 14, 2009. Patterned after the big travel search engines, it is now easy to find the car show, concours, cruise-in, motorcycle show or auction that interests you. Our goal is to increase attendance at the thousands of shows across the country. Please check in often as we grow the event database. Please tell your friends with car or motorcycle events to enter their show data now. Easy search by distance or date. Advanced search by any criteria you choose. No more expired listings! Site purges old shows nightly. Each promoter gets to submit his own show information. All shows are listed FREE through August 2009. Each show gets a full page with a photo, all contact information, web links, map link and ability to include registration forms! Searching is always free. You can optionally upgrade your membership to create Saved Searchs with email notifications. You get the best hotel rooms when you know about the shows first! <span style="font-style: italic">Coming soon!</span> A GPS-enabled iPhone App so you can easily find shows as you cruise across the country. Online auto exhibitor registration with credit card processing for show promoters.</span> We take your suggestions seriously, we want your feedback. This site is for you!
  7. I will try to find you some clipart. I have a 1936 Cord 810 Cabriolet and I know lots of other friends with Cabriolets. Do you want a side view, 1/4 view, straight-on? Super-charged with pipes showing? Format? GIF, JPG, PDF, vector? Let me know and I will see what I can round up for you. Bill Hummel, Webmaster Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Club