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  1. i also have a 51 Cranbrook . i do have the letters but i think they go to the trunk. they are all in one piece, if you want this call me, in flint mi.==1-810-407-6203. Danny. i been trying to find one other guy that I've seen in flint too.
  2. i just bought a 1951 Gran brook ,thought i got a good car until i started sanding it. like everyone else i had to do body work from bumper to bumper. now going to pull the motor and clean and paint it. thats whats taking up all my time now. so now on to your car. i would put your seat back all the way and with flash light in hand check all the wiring under your dash !!!!!!!! can't make this more important !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i had to buy a hole harness front to back. really glad i did to. NO FIRERS on my mind now. lol. please look!! be safe.
  3. ok'' i have a few diagrams but you have to tell me what model your Savoy is . p-15,-17-18-19-20 and so on.here's my no. call me 1-810-407-6203 my name is danny and i'll mail you your diagram.
  4. looking for someone in the flint mi. area that has the same. i know your out there, iv;e talk to you before, just didn't get your no. i had a 55 Buick the last time i saw you. i have a 51 Ply. now so we could have a lot to share. phone-810-407-6203 give me a ring.:cool:
  5. thank you Keiser 31. i'll check behind the panal.
  6. i have a 51. could you tell me what the second nob is for? i turn mine and nothing happens.
  7. wondering if i could ask you something ? i am from flint mi. and just bought a 51 Cranbrook with the same dash. what is the second nob for? the one closest to column. i turn mine and nothing happens. my e-mail is danny_curtis48506@yahoo.com thank you
  8. thanks for all the replies from all the guys. sold my Buick and got a 51 Plymouth Cranbrook too. hated to lose the Buick but you have to do what you have to. thanks everyone. hope i live long enough to finish this one . lol
  9. i live right where the great BUICK'S WERE MADE. flint mi. was the home of GM. i spent 30 years there and retired.i live 11\2 miles from the plant= now its a parking lot:mad: really hurt flint.
  10. just sent you a pm steve, thank you
  11. here are some pic's of the 55 so you can see my ride:)
  12. selling 55 Buick two door hardtop = 15,000 no low ballers.redone front to back. body off. have all the pic's. some pic's are in this forum.
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