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  1. My congratulations to the high bidder of the 1917 DB that just sold on e-bay! Sets a good value on the marque and was very exciting to watch. Happy motoring in 2012.
  2. There is an earlier Dodge Brothers touring model, restored ,on e-bay right now located in Conn. No reserve. May be a good value even with shipping.
  3. Hi scliim, Yes,locate a 4 point switch making sure it's '24-'26 12v smaller diameter.'27 model 4 point switch is larger diameter barrel and will not fit the hole in dash. I need late '26 4 point switch,same smaller diameter,6v. Harder key to locate is trans lock,and I can't even disassemble the locked one on a '24 doodlebug tractor,which is locked,in order to find the key#. Any help with these, Brothers?
  4. scliim, you will need the 4 position switch to use the cowl lights properly. If you find two let me know as I need one, '24-'26 which is the smaller diameter, not'27 which is larger diameter and won't fit. Any of these out there, Brothers?
  5. Finest kind DW. Old man Winter is due here in Maine soon so I wont need an upgrade until Spring. Right now I'm using an old bent up wheel I found in a box that I drill-pressed out to fit. Works reasonably well but gives new meaning to " loose nut behind the wheel" While checking the Master Parts List I saw the # for the wheels with wooden spiders, never knew they made such wheel. It didn't clarify why my '25 Screenside won't accept the standard '24-'26 wheel though. Any ideas?
  6. I posted in a previous relate thread that I need at least one steering wheel for my '27 speedster which originally was a '27 Deluxe Sedan. Dave, would you care to part with one of yours? - Tom 207-288-8960
  7. Dwollam, I bought a '27 Deluxe Sedan that had been advertised as a '26. It is the one I turned into a blue open speedster and posted pics of some time ago. It had a broken steering wheel. '27 steering wheels have only one keyway and the bore is larger than '24-26, which also have two keyways. If you would like to part with one of your '27 steering wheels I would buy it. Possibly two as my '25 Screenside also won't accept a '24-'26 steering wheel either, which surprised me. I'll go check my Master Parts list for correct #s 207-288-8960 Tom
  8. Place it on e-bay and see..... I need one also
  9. I'll try and get those for you in the morning
  10. Correct me if mistaken but aren't these stamped 114 L & 114 R ?
  11. Hi all, I recently reinstalled on my late '26 sportsman the stock exhaust. The bend under the gas tank is self evident. Place it all together loose and mount the pipe to the manifold with the muffler attached as directed in the service manual so that will fit correctly. If you do it otherwise you will have to keep starting over as there is no way to add the tailpipe afterward. I had to cut my tailpipe to fit as the long canister was a bit longer than the tailpipe allowed for the fatter, earlier cannister. Then tighten the brackets after muscling them to fit. Don't put the brackets on bassackwards as you'll do like me and start all over once again. I could send some pics but I think you'll get it. Don't be too discouraged if it takes three tries. Experience.
  12. Hi All, As I finish my '26 Speedster I decided to try my 3-way ignition switch which I recently purchased. After rewiring with good 10ga wire I tried the starter. Turned starter. That's good. Problem (maybe) is the starter would function with ignition switch in any of three positions. I can't remember, is this normal as starter is wired before switch? Does the ignition switch just switch to the coil and distributor for engine running or does the switch normally defeat the starter too? If the starter is always "live" should I install a battery cut-out to prevent battery drain or worse yet accidental lurching into objects by careless starter button stomping by kids,the uninitiated, or fools?
  13. Sorry nobody mentioned it before but between your prior request and now a pair sold on e-bay for $10.10 . These were in Massachuesettes USA and I think they have others. Make sure they are the correct diameter.
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