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  1. the "motor" manual i have shows the firing order to be 1-4-9-8-5-2-11-10-3-6-7-12, if the wires are placed in the cap terminals as numbered and the rotor rotated it appears the firing order would be 1-4-3-8-5-2-11-10-9-6-7-12, which one is correct ?
  2. has anyone purchased a new distributor from Auto Garage Vintage in san ramone,calif. ? and if you have how was your experience.?
  3. i do not currently have a 6 volt battery, and no need to purchase one at this time, but i do have a spare 12 volt that i would like to use to turn the engine over to do a compression test. having never tried this before i want to be sure not to do any damage. if anyone has done this before i would like to hear from you. also i know the engine will turn when pushed in gear. thanks in advance for any help.
  4. 41innm, sorry I have not responded sooner, but I have been out of the country since 12/3. I am back now and yes I still have the v-12 for sale.
  5. thanks bloo and 19tom40,this is what I needed to know.
  6. I have some questions I hope someone can answer, first, wheel cylinder bleeder screws mine have a threaded outside end with a 10/32 slot head screw inserted where most bleeder screws have a nipple to attach a hose to , how do you use these ? second question, the clutch return spring that attaches to the pedal arm under the floor my spring is about 2 inches short of reaching the attachment hole and spring will not stretch that far any know a trick ? third question, has anyone used a 6 volt electric fan ? thanks in advance for any help I can get.
  7. block, crankshaft ,camshaft, oil pan, front cover, two exhaust manifolds, block is missing four valve assemblies, has one broken head stud, crank turns over and cylinder walls do not look too bad. no other parts are included. engine # H122175 is stamped on the block and would indicate a 1941 block? I am asking $1200.00 or best offer. no shipping is available, and it must be picked up in Nipomo,california.
  8. I hope someone can tell me if a 41-48 ford speedometer cable will work on my 42 L.C., my cable mounts to the torque tube just behind the transmission. second question will a trico 3 port wiper control switch from a 41-42 ford/mercury work on 42 L.C. I am missing both of these parts. thanks in advance for any help.
  9. can someone tell me where the body harness is routed on 42 lc cabriolet ? is it inside the body or under along the frame ? I am rewiring from scratch with no original wire to follow.
  10. has anyone used narragansett wiring to rewire their car, and if so any opinions. thanks in advance for any feedback.
  11. does anyone have or know where I can find a left side top lift assembly for a 1942 l.c. cabrio. I only need the lower casting #11a7650750,that has the pinion gear and bottom mounting bracket, but will buy the entire assembly if available. thanks for any help.
  12. thank you, i ordered them from boos-herrel today.
  13. i am having a problem finding new windshield wiper arms and blades for a 1942 l.c. cabrio.,. anyone know of a supplier ?
  14. thank you, guess i will just plug it up as i am running 3/ 2bbl. carbs. with small air cleaners. charlie1942lc
  15. can anyone tell me the purpose of the 1/2" diameter hole on the left rear of the intake manifold between the last two bolt holes ? i have not been able to figure it out.
  16. if you would like to have an overdrive with your c-4, GEAR VENDORS makes an excellent unit that will bolt up to the ford automatic. check out their website.
  17. if you would like an overdrive with your c-4 , gear vendors makes an excellent unit that will bolt right up to the ford automatic.
  18. do you have a part #, and or a supplier for the bushings ? they should be approx. 1 1/8" o.d. thanks,
  19. i checked two catalogs, and both showed the same part # for 35-40 trucks and passenger cars, and they are too small ???
  20. i just called eaton detroit spring to order a new front spring for my 1942 lincoln continental, and they tell me the spring is no problem but they no longer have a supplier of the end bushings. i also called rare parts and egge, and no luck, anyone know of a supplier for these bushings.:confused:
  21. just saw the post on finned alum. heads i would also be interested if the price is right.
  22. the pumps have been rebuilt , but i have purchased a pair of very nice chrome plated pulleys i would like to change to from the originals.
  23. anyone with experience removing pulleys from water pump, can the pin be removed with a punch and hammer or does it need to be pressed out ? tried the punch, but it doesnt want to move and i am afraid of breaking the shaft. any ideas would be appreciated.
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