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  1. I beleive these are correct for the 1918 Buick Roadster and perhaps othe years. Drivers side only. $50 plus postage.
  2. Looking for a 26/27 hood original or reproduction. Ok to be dented with small tears. Prefer minimal rust with as much original black paint as possible. Hood won't be restored but used as is on a "barn find" car. Let me know what you have, thanks
  3. Bought this to build a speedster body for a Model T Ford. I believe its for a 1916-1918 Buick? If so anyone have a lead on doors and cowl. Thanks
  4. How about the back half of a 1918 Buick? Anyone have doors and a cowl??
  5. All I have is the rear half. I'm assuming its' an aftermarket speedster body,. Your guess?
  6. I'm guessing it's an early teens steering box. I was going to use it on a Model T speedster, but would like to know what model and year car/truck it might originally have been found on. Thanks
  7. what condition are the wheels? What price are you looking to get. Thanks
  8. Thought I'd throw this back out. Anyone? Can consider a longer distance for pickup. Thanks
  9. Looking for a 1925-28 Chevy frame. Can use side rails only, crossmembers not important. Need front springs as well. Unpitted and 250 miles from Cleveland Ohio would be a plus. What do you have? Thanks
  10. Looking for a 1925-28 Chevy frame. Actually only need the side rails the crossmembers are not important. Also need front springs. Unpitted and within 250 mile of Cleveland Ohio would be a plus. Thanks
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