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  1. Unfortunately I have evaluated the costs to date invested in my Reatta and realized that I would do better to start with on in better shape. It runs beautifully well and has good glass and panels and etc etc. But ... I have frame issues and other problems that will make this turn into a money pit. I am going to part out a full, well running car and will post in the sale section. Any requests?
  2. I have a full set of schematics being scanned in full color large format PDF. I am expecting them any day now from being scanned (not cheap). I will forward them to Reatta.net and I am sure they will post them under their docs section. It only requires a login. Just a little more time and I'll have them for y'all.
  3. Well, I have sent the info to Reatta.net to be posted. As I am reading through all this info, I realize that this will be quite the resource for those that understand it (I only get a little of it). It does show all of the different cars that use the units. The same units 1 w/ eq and 1 w/o eq were used for most of the GM cars and trucks. This should answer most of the "what other radios will work" questions. Can't wait for you guys with the knowledge to let me know what you think. D-A-N-I-E-L check out page 44 when you see it. Hope this helps.
  4. I have The 1988 Delco Electronics New Products School Manual scanned into PDF format and I would like to get it posted to "Reatta.net":cool: Can someone direct me as to how to get this accomplished.:confused: I tried to add as an attachment but the files are to large.:mad: Due to permissions, I would like to try and be at least concientious enough to put it with the other info under password on "Reatta.net" I am still working on getting full size color scans of the schematics ... bear with me.
  5. I'll scan the small stuff this week and send it to ? The big stuff (schematics) I want to scan on a large flatbed. My contractor can do large fullsize blueprints at a cost so I will have him do the large stuff in single scans. Who runs the Reatta.net ? Reatta Owners Journal ? I guess those would be the places to put this. Suggestions? I was under the impression that it was a form of BASIC. Not sure where I got that from.
  6. Hello all, Sorry so long but I have, at least a little, good news. I received a partial package that includes: 1988 Auto Service Manual (dated Sept. and Oct. 1987) covers: Buick, Olds, Pontiac, Chevy and Cadillac Alante' Full specs and schematics for all radios and tape decks also Delco Electronics 1988 New Products School Manual covers everything you could ever want to know about the radios and how to fix them. There doesn't seem to be anything about any programing, but does talk about CD players a bit (I'll have to look more closely). I am doing my best to get them scanned and I would lik
  7. I have recently been transfered as Project Manager to another hospital and have access to some techies in the Biomed department. They only repair biomedical systems. Their knowledge seems to be limited to biomed but I like to brainstorm with them. They understand electronics in general and are pretty smart. Funny you say that because I have thought about redesigning/building a radio based loosely on the original. I'm sure that I am crazy, but I bet it could be done to control whatever we wanted. I still would like to find someone that knows how to write code for the CRT. I believe it is a
  8. Just an update: Regretfully, I have yet nothing to show for my efforts. I continue to call my contact at DELPHI to no avail. He has been very good about speaking with me and promissing me the world but no dice yet and he has recently and suddenly been impossible to reach. I hope I am not being brushed off. I am embarrased at the excitement I showed to the forum only to still have nothing in hand. I continue to try and have access to a large format scanner so if anything comes through I will be very excited to share any and everything I get digitally. I hope as I am sure all of you do that th
  9. Found this site while surfing. GM Vehicle Invoices, Build Records and Vintage Vehicle Information Availability - GMnext Anyone seen this before?
  10. Spoke with Greg Moyers from Delphi today and he has an entire package together of everything he could find. He said he is waiting for a respose from the other plant in Auburn Hills that has some info on the IPC. He told me a story: Don Almquist, former CEO of Delco ( he's in his 80s) brought his red/tan '90 covertable in to service the radio. Apparently he did not want to take it anywhere else because he had a 6 disc changer modded into the system to work through and controlled by the head unit. Turns out the radio is making popping noises and need the 6 green caps replced (referenced @ Reat
  11. Talked to Delphi ... he had to email the office up north? to get info on the IPC ... apparently another plant handled that unit. He is waiting for a response from them. He hopes to get me something soon he says . Was waiting to send a complete package, so has not mailed any of the radio stuff yet. The numbers that Padgett sent me were good , just waiting on a response. Will keep you informed.
  12. I took my car to the shop to have the A/C rechareged (turns out I need a new compressor :mad:) While at the shop, while they were running a vaccume and recharging, the techs discussed for in excess of an hour how cool my car is and how the CRT had built in diagnostics. They went on and on about it. I could drive a Benz, Jag, Porche, you name it and not have that level of interest. The Reatta is the last affordable exotic. We are lucky to be collectors in a time that they are still available at a decent price. They will one day get very expensive and be on calandars and I am sure we wil
  13. Absolutely Not ! Finders Keepers ! (kidding) I will share all with all. Not to worry. Still don't know what I will be getting, but I am trying to get all I can. Will update when I know more. I am as anxious as everyone else. Its like waiting for Christmas to come as a kid.
  14. Thank you Padgett. Delphi is trying to get all the info together to send one packet. I have not received radio info yet. Hopefully soon. I am digging for as much info as I can get ... nothing in hand as of yet. Will inform ...
  15. OK DELPHI called me back and apparently the part #s for the IPC and the BCM that I gave him are inaccurate. I am at the office and can not get to the parts to verifu the #s. Can someone please give me a part # for a BCM and IPC 88-89? He would like a call before lunch. He is being very helpful and I don't want to miss out.
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