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  1. Way to cool. COOL, COOL, COOL:):) Ray Kuntz
  2. Peecher, Thanks for the suggestion and quick reply. I all ready started this process with pentrating oil and decided to let it soak. I felt it would be a safe idea to check it out with you guys. I checked all of my manuals and they showed only one bolt, beter to be safe than sorry, Just in case I over looked something. RAY kuntz
  3. I removed the bolt securing oil pump to block and the oil pump refuses to come out, so whats next HELP with any ideas. Ray K:mad:untz
  4. Happy Birthday Rolf. Ray Kuntz
  5. Excellent Pictures. I liked how you solved the problems with extended weight. Ray Kuntz
  6. Peecher, I recently aquired a 47 engine, and I'm going to rebuild it. I would like to know what all you did to your engine, especially 330 " Ray
  7. Call...... Merv Adkins 909 2248562 Pomona, CA. He has a wrecking ysrd with nothing but old LZ's I was in his yard a couple of weeks ago and he has a 39 in his yard like yours. LOTS OF LUCK Ray Kuntz
  8. Frenchy, I would like to see your mods on your engine stand. Thanks all you guys. Ray
  9. daddio I would like to know if you removed your floor pans when you had the lynx sprayed on them or did you take the car to them. Ray
  10. I'm interested in your 39 radio. How much? Ray
  11. Yes I can use one? How much are you asking Ray Kuntz
  12. I checked the add that you posted on EBAY. I'am interested in your car. Phone 310 6733456 or EMAIL raymondkuntz@sbcglobal.net Ray
  13. I would like to know how much you want for the 39.
  14. Big question, what did you do to fill the big holes in the floor? Did the LINX do all of that? IU really like how it all turned out. Ray
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