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  1. jrpow13

    1929 Pierce Arrow Model 133 5 Pass. Sedan SOLD

    Many thanks to Karl, David and the "Mopar Man" for helping me make this dream come true. Lots of moving pieces came together literally the day before I left VA only to spend the better part of next year in St. Louis. Looking forward to seeing everyone out on the road when I can make it back home. Just keep the battery charged! ?
  2. jrpow13

    I.D. Touring Car

    Thank you. I thought it might be, but wasn't sure. My wife found the photo in her Grandmother's things after her passing. She thinks the ladies were her Grandmother's sisters. Not sure what happened to the car either. Thanks again!
  3. jrpow13

    I.D. Touring Car

    Can anyone help I.D. this touring car?
  4. jrpow13

    "New" Peerless Discovered!

    I saw a Peerless "boattail" coupe for sale a few years ago in Charleston, WV. 6 cylinder, I forget the model (6-70)? I am not sure if he ever sold it...needed a flywheel if I remember correctly. Otherwise looked like it was in pretty good shape!
  5. jrpow13

    1931 151 for sale

    This link may get you started. Of course as JFranklin replied, it depends on condition, body style, etc. Go to this website and look under classic cars. New Car Prices, Used Car Values, New Car Reviews & Car Buying Guides - NADAguides.com Official Site
  6. jrpow13

    where to buy parts

    Leave a message on the (Fordbarn) Forum page and you will probably get several answers within 24 hours.
  7. jrpow13

    where to buy parts

    You can also check www.fordbarn.com. They have a swap link for buy/sell and also a forum link with a lot of Model A guys with a ton of knowledge and info on where to locate parts, etc. Site also has weblinks (in upper left corner) to all sorts of Model A, T, V-8 things. Good Luck. James Powell 1930 Ford Model A Coupe GWC Model A Club
  8. jrpow13

    Pierce Arrow Wanted

    Any photos of the 845???