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  1. I wouldn't bet on it. It runs, but I don't know that it runs that well, in spite of new heads and timing belt.
  2. My TC is back in the market. It is for sale locally for $2500 obo, sitting in a prime location. I must go soon, so speak now or forever hold your peace. A red on black 90, with a v-6. Email me if you are interested, I'll take 2k right now. I'm on the florida emerald coast, also known as lower alabama. larryfolta@cox.net
  3. It's easy to feel unprepared for these 3.0 motors. The design is definitely japanese. The difference is Chrysler, (I'm a mopar guy from way back), engineers with common sense, making their stuff easier to work on and simpler to figure out. The japs don't seem to have any regard for how needlessly complicated their stuff gets. I've worked on a lot of different vehicles, and have found nothing worse than a toyota, or this motor, to fix. Who ever heard of running the water pump off the timing belt? Why would a front motor mount be bolted to all the accessories? Only the japs! Why would a water tube, sealed only by o-rings cross the v alley? Why cover the whole front of the motor with a mount bracket, and then put a plastic timing cover under it? All of these things and more could have been easily engineered in a more logical easier to deal with fashion.
  4. Oh, it will run again, today or tomorrow.
  5. Well guys, if I could keep it as say, a third car to tinker with, I would. With the economy/realestate market in the tank for who knows how long, I would be much better served with a 90 dodge spirit that runs and drives well. A crappy little commuter special, but the one I had before was trouble free til my son got a hold of it and blew it up. Right now I have almost 4 grand in my tc, and dont want to think about the hours, and I still have no turn signals (switch, @$100.), no hardtop, no horn, and my brake light came on for reasons I have yet to investigate. A great car when it runs, but I have spent way more time on it than in it, and noend in sight!
  6. Well, after fighting to keep my tc running, I am ready to surrender. :eek: I have a 90 v-6, red on black. So far rhis year, new heads, timing belt, water pump, starter, brake accumulator, turn signal assy. I just finished the water pump, and for reasons I cannot yet explain, I have a timing issue between the crank and the heads. Here I go again, back to the timing belt. I was sure I had everything lined up right when I buttoned it back up, but I guess not. Now, i guess as a result of overheating when the water pump quit on the wife, I have a bad freeze plug in the back behind right side axle. You want it, All or parts? Larry Folta 850-376-8134 I live in NW FL.
  7. Thanks for the info, gents. I will be checking bulbs & wires tomorrow. I currently have an electronic flasher in place - it lasted a week, as opposed to the 2-3 days of the three dollar models. Larry By the way, happy father's day to us all. My soldier boys are coming home tonight.
  8. It' the silly stuff that confuses me. My turn signals will work, sort of, when I put in a new flasher. They never behave properly, flashing at a random tempo, til the flasher burns out, in a few days. Anyone got any ideas? Is there a special flasher thingy I should be using? Larry Folta
  9. Thanks for your insight, guys. It seems there are vent style openings on both sides of the cowl. The cowl drains through an opening in the sides, below the hood hinges. No type of cover that I can tell. These areas were full of leaves, slowing drinage enough so that it couldn't keep up with the heavy rain we had. It wouldn't take much of a puddle to start draining down the vents... I believe the problem is solved, but won't really know for sure until we get that kind of rain again. Again, thanks Larry Folta
  10. Sorry Chick, I'm not spending any money on the car at the moment. I have other more pressing issues. David, Where do I find the drains in the plenum?
  11. I don't have a hard top, yet. What perplexes me is there is no sign of leaking anywhere. This is a new issue. I'm thinking it may be because of the very heavy rain, at times more than two inches an hour. still, it seems to have to be below the dashboard, but I can't find the source. More on the driver's side than the pass. side, but a lot on both. Not even a hint of wetness to be found above the floor. I'm so confused!
  12. Say, how'd you do that? I can't seem to figure out how to get pics up... Larry
  13. after days of heavy rain, I got in my tc and found the front carpet, both sides, soaking wet. I can't figure out how all that water got in. No signs of leakage around the top, the glass, no wetness under the dash. Anyone got any suggestions? Larry
  14. Hey car_chick, do you still have seat controls you can sell? I need both... the baseplates are broken, and won't hold the wiring in place.
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