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  1. That's a great car. I saw it at a Buick Club show in Glendale 3 years ago.
  2. One of my favorite places. And one of my favorite cars. Even the color!
  3. Well you've got 17 years on me. I'd trade places in a New York minute! ) Thanks for the comment on my pics. One guy commented once that since I wasn't the owner of a collectible car myself and wasn't posting pictures of my own car(s) that I was only using aaca's gallery as a place to "store images" and that I didn't "get" the purpose of the gallery. Naturally I understand his position but for everybody who feels the way he does I hope there are others who look at my shots and find them interesting and maybe even a good resource on what things ought to look like if they're working on a similar car of their own. I want them to be a resource for everybody to enjoy.
  4. That. Is. Mag. NIFICENT! I was a kid too young to drive when these were out and thought they were great then and even more so now. Lincoln had some great colors too. This turquoise was (is) killer. Not something you'd see on a Cadillac or Chrysler. Cheers --- clovers
  5. I'll put it on my calendar. )
  6. Very nice! Was this in Germany? Pat (clovers)
  7. clovers

    62 skylark

    Very nice. I bought one of these new to replace my beloved '61 Corvair Monza because my daughter was born and we needed a bigger car. It looked exactly like this except it had a black interior. The car did not have A/C but few cars did in those days, and I had to buy an FM radio receiver to hear FM stations. All in all not a bad car. Pat (clovers)
  8. clovers

    My Favorites

    That's a knockout. Beaut shot. Pat (clovers)
  9. I'm a little curious as to why it shows I've only posted a total of 31 pictures. Pat (clovers)
  10. One mo' time --- but it may be too big. If it doesn't go this time I'll e-mail it.
  11. Oops! Well I may have discovered a 2nd problem. It dropped the pic of the screen dump somewhere. Lemme try again.
  12. Just discovered a new problem. See attached screen dump. Pat
  13. Hi Peter. Sorry I didn't see this and reply sooner but it looks like Wayne already sent you a sample & you've corrected that page. There is one thing I spotted just now however, that maybe you haven't seen yet (see attached). Pat (clovers)
  14. Peter I can open the new Photo Gallery and I see a few pictures but mostly I see a bunch of little squares with red X's in them. Pat (clovers)
  15. Thanks for the headsup Murph. This event isn't listed in So Cal Car Culture. clovers
  16. The car apparently has original paint & it's been waxed so many times the primer is showing through.
  17. Hooray? Boy I'll say! That really turned out to be an ordeal didn't it? Good goin' Peter. Pat (clovers)
  18. That's a great shot. Congrats to the Tuskegee Airmen and my thanks for your service too! Pat (clovers)
  19. Sweet car. I love the details found on high-end early 30's cars. The roadlights on on this one are stationary but many are "steerable". Lexus thinks they've got some kind of exclusive. They're dreaming.
  20. The '34 355D in all its varieties is one of my favorites.
  21. Not a standard factory-built car but a nice one anyway.